Why Franchisors Should Switch To Plant-Based Packaging

Enhancing the Brand in Fierce Competition

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Finding solutions to the world's plastic problem is an uphill battle. As it stands, India is manufacturing approximately 300 million tons of plastics around the world every year, and this number continues to grow. Along with plastic, comes waste management issue where about 43% of the used plastics are disposed of by landfill and 10-20 million tons end up in oceans.

Franchise India

Franchisors should shift towards plant-based packaging as rising oil cost and growing economies of scale in production will see plant-based packaging becoming more effective in future. Benjamin Punchard, Mintel Global Packaging Analyst, shares, "Lower energy consumption and less CO2 emission makes plant-based packaging suitable for franchisors who desire a better environment for customers."

Safer for the environment

Plant-based plastics are safer for the environment, including the sourcing of raw materials for its manufacturing. Extraction of sugars from plants is a less harmful procedure than the oil drills. Plant-based packaging in comparison with petroleum-based plastics comes with an advantage, they are biodegradable, eventually degrading over time and integrating back into the environment.

Better brand image

By opting for plant-based packaging, franchisors can enhance their brand image in the fierce competition. With the rising health trends, customers are more responsible towards the environment, creating awareness. Therefore, franchisors could start using plant-based packaging to attract customers, increasing their sales.

According to a study, it is reported that this trend is here to stay, benefitting many entrepreneurs. Plastic-based packaging is one such opportunity which can fulfill the franchisors dream of achieving success.

Sustainable business practice

Sustainability is more than a buzzword, which is a way of doing business. It can provide long-term benefits to franchisors, and also to society and the environment. Currently, customers want a brand to interact with them, understanding their vision. Franchisors should adopt for such packaging, creating a sense of brotherhood among the population, ultimately booming your business.

This article was originally published on Franchise India by Shahram Warsi.