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#7 Facts a Brand Should Consider While Marketing to Gen-Z It is a big challenge for marketers now to strategize, position and create new relevant marketing messages to reach out to Gen-Z

By Pavan Belagatti

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the Gen-Z is taking up the ladder and steering the front wheel. Unlike millennials, Gen-Z has different characteristics that a brand should consider before even reaching them. Gen Z'ers--ages 19 and under-- are growing up fast, and are projected to account for 40% of all consumers by 2020. Gen-Z has their own set of expectations while interacting with the companies. Entrepreneurs and marketers need to take care of all such facts and features this generation values to market their businesses and grow in this highly competitive market.

Today, we will see seven crucial points that a brand should consider while marketing to the Gen-Z.

1. Gen-Z values the current reality more than the traditional values of a brand

For Gen-Z, it is not about the old stories about the company's existence, and the traditional values, they look for what the company currently stands for, and are they still valid and make sense for them. It is a big challenge for marketers now to strategize, position and create new relevant marketing messages to reach Gen-Z. You can see Gen-Z easily accepting the new businesses today when their characteristics resonate well with them, and this has nothing to do with the traditional values or old stories the brand has.

2. Gen-Z has a less attention span and want every message to be crisp, clear and to the point

The Gen-Z intends to do more tasks in less time, they are multi-tasking and hate wasting their time, and hence the attention span is very less. They expect any message that reaches them to be very clear and to the point. If you cannot impress them within 8 seconds, they are going to bounce off from the ad or any page that doesn't provide them what they expect quickly. Hence, marketers should make a great content marketing plan to impress this generation. Recently, videos are doing good, and we see a lot of Gen-Zers getting engaged with videos.

3. Gen-Z would want to involve in the feedback loop intensely

Gen-Z doesn't just buy products; they like involving heavily in sharing their feedback, whether it is negative or positive. They want to make sure their voice is heard, and the proper actions are taken accordingly. The companies now need to focus more on getting reviews, feedbacks and take appropriate measures to be in the race.

4. Gen-Z is more tech-savvy and want a quick and easy access to everything

The recent advancement in the technology has made the Gen-Z'ers act more smartly. This Generation has adapted themselves to be on the mobile devices always because they want everything handy. Every information they seek is available on the internet nowadays. They would like to find out and read everything before believing if it is true.

They have the latest updated Android or iOS version devices with them, preferably the mobile phones. Gen-Z has very useful and many apps installed on their phone according to their need. Companies now are expected to have their website to be mobile friendly with a great user experience. Also, an app if possible to remind the Gen-Z'ers about their products and services.

5. Gen-Z prefers buying everything online

Since this generation values time a lot, it prefers to buy online in minutes rather than going to a shopping mall or a physical store. They mostly search for the exact thing they would like to purchase online and buy it from a genuine online website. It is time for Brick and mortar stores to say goodbye and convert themselves into online stores. Marketers and entrepreneurs should consider their products to be listed online on their e-commerce stores along with all the product details and proper SEO (Search Engine Optimization) done for each product page.

6. Gen-Z have a new set of social media platforms and want to be up to date

Gen-Z prefers social media channels like Instagram and Snapchat rather than Facebook and Twitter. It is essential for the brands to consider these channels and have their presence so the Gen-Z can discover them easily. Consistency is the key, and brands are expected to talk to the Gen-Z'ers on these social channels, keep them engaged and remind them of their existence time by time. The brands should create their social media messages inline with Gen-Z'ers lifestyle and should be motivating enough to take actions.

7. Gen-Z likes customization rather than the standardization

Gen-Z wants to try out new things in their own ways. They like things to be able to customize according to their sense of style and fashion quotient. Brands now need to rethink about their standardization of products and services, make them free and able to customize accordingly and this way it is easy to impress the Gen-Z'ers.

These are the seven things the brands are expected to take care while marketing to Gen-Z.

Pavan Belagatti

Growth Marketing Manager, Shippable

Google certified digital marketer and a growth marketing expert. 

A guest contributor to various platforms around the world. He usually writes about digital marketing, growth hacking, personal branding, and DevOps. He is currently working as a growth marketing manager at Shippable.

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