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How to Promote Your Mobile App with Specific Marketing Strategies App marketing must be effectively dedicated to mobile resources like geo-targeting, multi-language support, push notifications

By Ashwin Vairu

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A mobile app for your business can create a huge pool of possibilities to interact with your customers. Mobile apps are capable of attracting maximum users and even convert them to long-term buyers. Plus, pits convenient, simple, time-saving and most importantly – it delivers a customized experience. The latest study by Statista has predicted that mobile app downloads are going to reach almost 258 billion by 2022. It also indicates that there will be a 25% increase in the downloads from 2018 to 2022.

However, an app is a success only when customers download it and then use it too. With so many apps launched every day, a business needs to have a solid marketing strategy to make its name in the market. And for implementing a wholesome marketing strategy, they need to have a better understanding of their target audience.

Different Marketing Strategies to Promote your Mobile App

The global revenue generated from mobile apps was $88 billion in 2016. And that figure is estimated to be multiplied by 113% till 2020, almost crossing $189 billion. Such an immense growth in revenue is a surefire determinant that an app marketing strategy can prove to be extremely rewarding. Let's take a look at some of the strategies for app marketing:

Determining App-Specific KPIs

Key Performance Indicators are specific to each market and target audience. Like all other marketing campaigns, app marketing goals must be app-specific, realistic and measurable. Apart from revenue and speed, there are many other essential KPIs to be met. These include gaining top ranks on app stores through ASO, organic and loyal users, and cost per download.

Simple app installation isn't a metric to be considered for success. Because almost 29% won't use an app again if it isn't valuable. Hence, more specific indicators like Daily and Monthly Active User and Sessions, Stickiness Rate, Churn Rate need to be monitored regularly. These digital metrics that can be determined by a social media strategy, launching a viral video, posting on blogs, and offering an incentive with every download.

Data-Driven Marketing

A good pre-requisite for a strong marketing strategy is the one that is driven through data. IoT and Big Data can be used ingeniously to allocate resources for the app. Studies indicate that almost 80% of users would want to receive location-based alerts. App marketing must be effectively dedicated to mobile resources like geo-targeting, multi-language support, push notifications. Engaging content with creativity is a major force behind increasing app visibility in online marketplaces.

Apart from app marketing, brands can also build a microsite. Microsite assists businesses in going beyond the app store and deploys SEO techniques for their app. It can help in creating awareness before the launch. The concept is to direct the audience to the landing page and get their emails to attract potential customers.

Organic Campaigning

Every app is launched with a goal to increase its app ranking. And organic downloads are the most important factor that helps gain genuine rankings. To increase the visibility of the app in a short duration, paid installs are introduced that triggers the launch. Burst Campaigns is a strategy that involves paid media exposure. Paid downloads have increased up to 10% per year.

These campaigns consist of introducing a bunch of installs that are paid only for a period according to the budget limits. The technique gives a natural boost to improve the app rankings and visibility on the app store. Plus, it helps in attaining organic users for the long-term. The budget can be brought back down to the minimum after a set of installs. Or it can also be continued to maintain high rankings.

App Store Optimization (ASO)

App Store Optimization (ASO) services is similar to SEO, where marketers optimize their apps based on keywords, titles, and descriptions. ASO Is another way of increasing the app discoverability and visibility. Reports suggest that $17.7 billion out of $32.9 billion app revenue was generated through search results in 2017. This makes ASO the biggest driving force of an app marketing strategy.

Titles have to be distinguished and yet capable of describing what the app does. Users usually search the functions an app offers, instead of the app title. Additionally, keywords have the power to enhance discoverability. Optimizing them according to competitor's keywords, relevancy and search volumes can bring out the desired impact. Local ASO has a significant influence over the downloads too. The app description also needs to be interesting enough along with promotional offers and fixed issues. Visuals play a big role with optimized icons, screenshots of app screens to engage the users.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is probably the biggest way of promoting your app in the current era. Staying in touch with the maximum users can boost your name in no time. Plus, it's easier to connect with them because they are already following you. Posting eye-grabbing visuals is one of the biggest strategies to implement. Attention spans are becoming shorter and users want the services delivered quickly. Posting colorful photos and videos, exciting color combinations can increase engagement.

Sending a message about your app also increases the chances of users downloading it. And posting it multiple times with a different message and backstory can make a big difference. An average Facebook post engages almost 16% of the fanbase of your page. Brands can also join entrepreneur groups that have a similar customer base. This way they can reach an even wider network. They can also engage with the admins to promote their app either with paid marketing or referral downloads.

Ending Thoughts

Developing an app is all about how well, a business markets the experience. Overall app success depends a lot on keeping your competitive edge and niche intact. 2018 witnessed total mobile advertising costing around $59.7 billion. Hence, marketing is an integral part of any business. And when it comes to app marketing, simplified and customized experience always scores over everything else. Also, it is extremely important to keep upgrading the metrics and analytics and be creative with them. In the end, investing in user reviews and feedback is the best metric to attain higher productivity levels.

Ashwin Vairu

Executive Director - Marketing, 9series Solutions Pvt Ltd

I am the Executive Director - Marketing of 9series Solutions Pvt. Ltd. As an engineer and entrepreneur, I assist start-ups, individuals, SMEs and enterprise businesses in their end to end technology needs. I am a strong believer in “Those who are active are young”. I love to write about the developments in technologies and how it will affect the growth of any organization.


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