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Importance of Email Marketing in Mobile App Development Email marketing creates awareness for your app leading to downloads

By Harnil Oza

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There is no doubt you have created a mobile app with fascinating features! But what is the essence of such app if it fails in the market? Truth is; you saw a need and created an app to provide solutions to such need. There is no way you can meet this need without app downloads by its supposed users. Hence, the need for result-oriented strategies targeted at driving app downloads and use. To do this, you must include these strategies right into the app development process. This is a key strategy for most top app development companies in the world.

Many factors are responsible for the failure of an app in the highly competitive app market. With these result-oriented strategies, you can surmount the challenges posed by these factors. The right audience and ad campaigns are some factors that promote app downloads and use. The truth is; even with the right audience and robust marketing campaign, you can end up with a failed app.

An amazing result-oriented strategy that can drive app success is email marketing. With the internet, email marketing has become an important tool in mobile app development. For most top app development companies, it is a key tool used during app development to drive app success.

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is a unique type of direct marketing. Here, you communicate with potential app users via electronic mail. The truth is; any email you send to your existing or potential app users is email marketing. It is sending emails to potential app users to convince them to download and use your app. More so, it entails sending emails with the aim to building relationships between your app and its users. Thus, it encourages continuous app use which leads to app user's loyalty. Today, most top app development companies use email marketing in driving app downloads. This has helped such developers churn successful apps into the market.

Today, beliefs are that email is on the verge of collapse due to social media. This is far from the truth as it is one of the most used marketing tools in the world. Here are a few advantages email marketing offers your app over conventional marketing:

-Trackability of the exact ROI of your email campaigns

-Ability to reach massive potential app users from all over the world

-Opportunity to segment your mail list and emails

-Reach out to current and potential app users via personalized and self-motivated content

With email marketing, you can be creative in churning relevant content at the right time.

Why Email Marketing in Mobile App Development?

Email marketing should be a key component of your app development process. Today, with the rapid increase in using mobile phones, you can reach a wide audience via emails. Here are few reasons to integrate email marketing into your app development process.

1. Low-cost With Huge ROI

It does not cost you much to use email marketing in app development to raise awareness. The truth is; email marketing is cheap. There are printing costs, advertising or postage fees. Whether you do it or you hire an agency to do it, it cost nearly nothing. Hence, the need to use email marketing during your app's pre-launch, launch, and post-launch. With this, you can reach thousands of potential app users at low-cost with outstanding results. Studies show that for every $1 you spend on email marketing, you get about $40 equivalence of ROI.

2. Has Immediacy

Email marketing has immediacy. It produces meaningful results within minutes once sent to potential app users. An app pre-launch mail is a unique marketing strategy you can use for the awareness of your app. More so, a launch mail is an excellent marketing tactic you can use to drive app downloads and use. A post-launch mail is relevant to keep app users updated about changes in your app. Such emails will create a massive sense of urgency for both current and potential app users. Thus, convinces them on the need to take immediate actions to download and use your app. This is why most top app development companies cannot do away with email marketing.

3. Easily Targeted

Email marketing creates awareness for your app leading to downloads. The truth is; this unique marketing strategy solves all the intrinsic troubles of non-target campaigns. With email marketing, you can send emails to your chosen audience. In fact, by segmenting your email contact, you have control over who sees your mail. You can easily target potential app users using relevant demographics. With this, your messages get across to the right potential app users with ease. The truth is; you can send personalized messages to a target audience for app downloads and use. Thus, results in a higher conversion rate in form of app downloads and use by your target audience.

4. Highly Easy to Share

Emails are highly easy to share. Using email marketing gives you the privilege to send messages that can be shared with ease. With emails, app users can share your emails to convince loved ones to download and use your app. All this can happen at the click of a button by app users. Today, most top app development companies use email marketing because it's easily shared.

5. Global Access

Email marketing gives your app campaigns access to a global audience. With emails, you can reach thousands of potential app users across the globe in seconds. Although social media can help you reach a global audience, it does not show who reads your content. Most top app development companies fancy email marketing because it gives access to a global audience.

6. Ease to Measure Results

You cannot ignore the role of analytics in measuring the success of your marketing campaigns. Unlike email marketing, conventional marketing tools give uncertain and estimated results. With email marketing, you get accurate and helpful metrics. It gives metrics such as open rates, retention rates, and click-rates. This gives you insights into the interests and behaviors of app users. Email marketing helps you to monitor and fine-tune information derived from app users. This is why it is an integral part of app development for most top app development companies.

How to Maximize Email Marketing for Mobile App Downloads and Use

It is possible to maximize the performance of email marketing for your app. To achieve this, you should do the following;

1. Fine-tune your email so it gets delivered to and opened by potential app users.

2. Fine-tune your email so potential app users can read and act upon it.

Harnil Oza

CEO, Hyperlink Infosystem

Harnil Oza is a CEO of Hyperlink Infosystem, a Top mobile app development company based in USA & India who deliver best App development mainly on Android and iOS platform. He regularly contributes his knowledge on the leading blogging sites.
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