3 Steps to Identify Your Niche as a Celebrity and Thrive

Seasoned celebrities and reality stars Cole and Kelsea Moscatel share three ways to find your niche and build a thriving success story

By Mohit Mirchandani

Cole and Kelsea Moscatel
Cole and Kelsea Moscatel

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In the vast universe of the Internet, there is a niche for everything. This diversity is terrific, but it can make the journey of finding your place as a celebrity or a successful entrepreneur a daunting one. Cole and Kelsea Moscatel are the creators of Snob World, a platform that not only provides content about the finer things in life but also actually provides access to some of the most coveted things through their exclusive and highly sought-after concierge service—Snob Concierge—catering to the rich and famous. Their story to fame and business success is very unique. So is the way they found their niche in the entertainment world. Here, they explore three steps that you can take to find your niche as a celebrity and thrive within it.

Identify your skills

The first step in finding your niche is to really identify your skills. Make an inventory of your strongest skills and of activities that you are passionate about. For Cole and Kelsea, everything they do comes with passion; it is one of their biggest secrets to success. When you create this list, ask yourself how your skills and interests could inspire other people who may want to explore them.

Cole says, "We are all on a different journey through life, never underestimate the power of your unique perspective. Examine your strengths and experiences to find the perfect niche. Usually, your specific niche is something you have a genuine passion for." Kelsea believes that "as a celebrity, one of the greatest traits you can have is authenticity; if you choose a niche that you are passionate about, then you will be able to create great genuine content." It is definitely safe to say that discovering what you truly love and what you're passionate about will aid in your success.

Find a gap in the market

When trying to identify your niche as a celebrity, you need to make sure that you don't choose an area of interest that is already oversaturated. If it is an area that is already pretty saturated, what about it can you make different? What can you do to that specific thing that makes it different from what everyone else is doing? The key to this is to look at a popular market and identify a gap or gaps where you can offer a fresh perspective.

Cole explains, "Understanding the market that you are creating content for is so important; if you release content into a niche that is already saturated, then it will be more difficult to set yourself apart from other celebrities."

Kelsea adds, "Before you start creating content, you need to find a gap in the market that your brand can slip perfectly into." With that being said, finding something completely off the market or taking something on the market and making it your own is the perfect entrance into getting where you want.

Choose your platform

The niche that you choose to explore should be influenced by the platform you use to present it. Decide how you want to share your content. Will you be writing blog posts? Or creating step-by-step video tutorials? Using a medium, you are familiar with will help you decide the niche that best suits that platform. Cole elaborates, "Always work where you are most comfortable. If visuals inspire you, then a photo-sharing platform like Instagram could be the best fit for you to share content."

Kelsea further explains, "Identifying the medium that best suits you as a creative will help you discover the niche that is best complemented by it." Whether your platform is social media or behind a camera, find out where you are most comfortable and confident, and you will already be ahead of the game. Your platform could even be your social skills and your connections. Word of mouth can take you a long way!

Every celebrity has a unique perspective to offer, and understanding yours can help you find the perfect niche and thrive within it. Cole and Kelsea Moscatel are the perfect examples of celebrities who took what they're passionate about, made it unique to what people are used to, and used their creativity to make it flourish. Get creative, follow what you love, and use every resource you have to make it your own and make it and yourself a success!
Mohit Mirchandani


Mohit Mirchandani is the CMO of Facilius Inc, one of the largest digital and content marketing companies in Michigan. He has a plethora of experience in the field of PR and personal branding. Mohit has helped revolutionize the way entrepreneurs and influencers view their approach to PR.

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