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5 High-Impact Marketing Tactics To Drive Sales For Your Software Company With the exponential growth of software, technology, and internet companies in the Indian startup landscape, how you market your new solution is crucial to its success

By Shishir Jajoo

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Releasing a top-class product isn't enough. Companies must promote their activities and build brand awareness within their audience to stay top of mind and drive lead acquisition. By optimizing the sales funnel and personalizing the customer journey, your software company can gain—and keep—more clients to get ahead of the competition.

That said, here's five of the best marketing tactics for promoting your software solution.

Leverage the most cost-effective channel

Some have dared say email is a thing of the past. But results from this channel show that email isn't going anywhere.

According to Sendinblue, a leading global email marketing platform, the channel brings the highest return on investment and—with the right strategy—can be the most powerful tactic in your marketing toolbox. The company's latest email marketing ebook dedicated to the software industry reveals this is particularly the case for SaaS and digital solutions. With the industry boasting an average email open rate of almost 27 per cent, when it comes to exploring new software solutions, customers value information they get by email.

Use an agile approach in your marketing

As a software company, chances are you've used an agile approach when developing your products and solutions. Your marketing strategy should be no different.

Focus on rapid iterations over big campaigns that require too much time both in terms of planning and execution. The idea is to develop, release and test campaigns within a few months, gather data for analysis, then adapt accordingly to improve results. This will help your marketing team keep up with the fast-paced environment of the SaaS industry, where new features and developments are constantly being released.

Automate as much as you can

It's impossible for any marketer to do everything by themselves. That's where technology becomes your best ally—simply outsource different tasks to a software that does the heavy lifting for you.

Consider investing in a sophisticated automation tool that can effectively perform all your marketing tasks and accelerate your growth. With automation, you can leverage data from your website and use events to trigger automated scenarios. The possibilities are endless. Depending on your product or app, you can create as many scenarios as you need to enhance the client experience across the customer journey.

Focus on high-quality lead generation tactics

A steady flow of quality leads means increased sales opportunities for your software business. The more relevant information you get from potential clients, the more you'll be able to segment your audience and personalize content to drive conversions.

Offer creative and value-packed resources to attract leads, such as original research and reports that enhance your authority in your niche. You can also take advantage of your network to create and co-host events to connect with and expand your audience.

Step up your retention strategy

No business would be able to survive without loyal customers and the software sector is no exception.

Since it costs between 5 and 25 times more to acquire a new client than to retain one, you should follow best practices to ensure newly converted leads stick with your business.

When it comes to retaining customers, besides an optimal user experience, education should be the cornerstone of your strategy. That way you'll help clients achieve their goals and eliminate their pain points. Educating your client base can be a vast concept taking multiple forms. But if you distill informative content strategically throughout the customer lifecycle, you'll find plenty of opportunities to offer value.

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