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A Look at the Words Adding Volume to the #MeToo Wave Here's what the world's most powerful and celebrated voices have to say about the #MeToo campaign

By Bhavya Kaushal

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Me Too MVMT Official Twitter, Tarana Burke Official Facebook

The age of women has finally arrived! The #Metoo campaign is spreading its waters everywhere around the globe and the latest to embody it is India! While the campaign that looks at sufferings women have had to go through and urges them to speak has attracted several voices. From the bottom to the top, everyone has sat up and expressed views on this campaign which has been trailblazing the social media and has toppled the patriarchal world. The most important aspect of any campaign that endeavours to bring about change is understanding what the top people from various fields think about it and what kind of action they feel should be incorporated. Here are several examples of voices lent by people sitting in powerful chairs expressing their #MeToo views:

Tarana Burke Official Facebook

Tarana Burke

#MeToo movement is incomplete without recognizing the person behind it. Tarana Burke, is perhaps, the most powerful voice of all and the founder of the #MeToo movement. Burke has been eloquent about the need to stir the spirits of women that were otherwise dampened by the processes of their voices getting silenced. She also reminds everyone time again of the fact that even though Me Too has gained momentum only in the last year but her efforts to work on this campaign have been underway since years. This black woman has given more agency to the world than anybody could. Moreover, her real agency lies in protecting the rights of every woman be it black or white.

"It wasn't built to be a viral campaign or a hashtag that is here today and forgotten tomorrow. It was a catchphrase to be used from survivor to survivor to let folks know that they were not alone and that a movement for radical healing was happening and possible." Burke said to Ebony.

Barkha Dutt Official Facebook

Barkha Dutt

Journalist Barkha Dutt's support to women is not new to the world. In fact, her twitter handle is filled with tweets and stories of #MeToo campaign. She has been one of the most powerful voices in the #MeToo campaign in India which erupted like hot molten lava. Her quotes, nevertheless, deserve all the attention as they are proving to be the key notes in exposing the real face of so many sexual predators.

"The rage of Indian women — submerged thus far in the recesses of memory, wrapped away in swathes of fear and self-doubt, and suppressed for years by entrenched social stigma — has finally come pouring out to set in motion India's long-overdue #MeToo moment... Finally, India's women are pushing back against the corrosive abuse of male power. It is nothing short of a revolution," she expresses in one of the posts for Washington.
Farhan Akhtar Official Facebook

Farhan Akhtar

While women voices are plenty, very few male voices have emerged in the Me Too campaign. From the ones to remember and laud is actor Farhan Akhtar who has been vocal about his support for the feminist campaign. The role of males in this revolutionary mass movement is very important and there have been different responses which the world has seen. Some have dodged the question, others have acted out neutrally, some males have been embarrassed but there have been very few who have provided solidarity to this feminist movement of the 21st century as expansively as Akhtar. While many people in Bollywood doubted actor Tanushree Dutta's sexual harassment complaint against fellow actor Nana Patekar, Akhtar lent his wholeheartedly support.

"Be the catalyst for change. Empowering women, empowering humanity." Kudos to Akhtar!

Melania Trump Official Twitter

Melania Trump

"If you are accused of something, show the evidence. We need to show the evidence. You cannot just say to somebody "Oh I was sexually assaulted, or you did that to me,' because sometimes the media goes too far. The way they portray some stories; it's not correct, it's not right."

The First Lady of America made this statement recently. It seems like a sensible statement when seen from the perspective of an individual. It is true, sometimes, how men too suffer, silently and unjustly because of the favouring wave towards women nowadays. However, it is hard to ignore the context in which this stunning FLOTUS is placed. while it is important to note that #MeToo campaign should be focused at bringing justice and empowering victims and not taking the innocent ones into the loop, it is also equally essential that the offenders should be punished appropriately and their deeds not covered up.

Christine Lagarde Official Twitter

Christine Lagarde

Being the International Monetary Fund or IMF's Managing Director is a position that comes with great responsibility and power. Lagarde proved to be a trailblazer when she was appointed as the MD of IMF in 2011. She has supported women's movement since and continues to do so. The recent appointment of Gita Gopinath as IMF's Chief Economic Advisor is another instance of women breaking the glass ceiling. Lagarde's views on this issue cannot be summed up any better than by saying they are mindful, wise and supportive.

"I'm sure that there are occasionally wrong allegations here and there. You can't expect a system to be perfect. We need to pay attention to the 80 per cent which is the true allegations." She spoke at the World Summit in Dubai on Sunday. On another platform, she said, " This movement can only remain active if it is kept alive by measuring the problem, setting up objectives, actions, surveillance, and classifying people. We must continue to do this. Above all, we must not let down our guard."

Bhavya Kaushal

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