An Edtech Startup Taking Digital Entrepreneurship To New Heights

Ritwiz Tiwari, Founder of Bizgurukul, is working to provide upskilling opportunities to the youth of India

By Shishir Jajoo

Bizgurukul, Ritwiz Tiwari

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In a world where hardships exist at every point in life, dreams can feel like they are getting out of grasp. Every individual starts her path, keeping a goal as a finish line, but only a few can reach that goal. But aside from the general crowd that lives the everyday life mentioned above, the selected few do not just "want" success; instead, they thrive for it. Their will to wake up every morning is fuelled by the desire to bathe in success. Such passionate individuals break the cycle of hardships and rise above a level where only a few can reach.

Ritwiz Tiwari has proven to be one of those passion-driven individuals whom we will talk about today. Being the current founder of Bizgurukul, his story, like every other average individual, started as a side character of a movie. Still, while others like him had accepted their fate, Ritwiz had other plans. Due to this, he has become a person with stature and has played a vital role in shaping the masses and providing upskilling opportunities to the youth of India.

Ritwiz had always been that one kid in class who was always curious and eager to learn new things. He would never say no to different activities or any work and would always try to understand the fundamentals of every minor assignment handed over to him. He had a passion for understanding business mechanics from a very early age due to the burning desire to create something of his own that resided inside him. If we talk about his academic life, he followed the same path that every other kid in the neighborhood was following: completing their education till high school and aiming for a great college to land a decent placement as the starting point of their career. And that's what he did. After completing high school, Ritwiz pursued his passion for business and enrolled in the Guru Gobind Singh University of Delhi for a bachelors in business in business administration. During his college life, he understood business fundamentals alongside many other subjects and handled many cultural events in his college. He gained the necessary experience and critical skills for event management, administration as well as team management.

Later on, as he completed his college term, he was able to land himself a job in a multinational company handling its operations in Noida. This was the time where his share of corporate life began. Being an individual with a bachelor's degree, working alongside other people with higher academic and skill experience can be challenging. But Ritwiz handled and managed the company projects with pure diligence and made a good reputation among his seniors. But no matter how hard he would work, he had understood that the corporate ladder was not an easy climb and would take not only an enormous amount of effort but also too long of a time to reach a place of financial security. It was also a risky life. His sheer efforts provided no surety whatsoever regarding the chances of him attaining the position he was aiming for, which helped him realize that it was not the path he wanted for himself. He tried to reach the top, yes. But not at the expense of his youth, that provided him multiple ways with endless possibilities. He decided to make it a speed run, no matter the effort or hard work it takes.

And it was during this time that he was introduced to Affiliate marketing by his colleague. After understanding how affiliate marketing works, Ritwiz had understood that the means to reach the end goal faster had been found. He immediately followed his instincts and decided to join his colleague. He took his time understanding the technicalities and fundamentals of affiliate marketing and started pouring out his efforts and passion into getting optimal results. The wish was to create something that belonged to him and re-emerged inside him through affiliate marketing. First, he handled his job and his affiliate marketing gig side by side. Still, once he found himself financially stable, he decided to quit his job for good and focus solely on affiliate marketing.

He learned the art of selling, marketing, the fundamentals of marketing, and the necessities to continue the affiliate marketing business through the international company he was working with. He was now earning a fulfilling amount and finally reached stability, but it still felt incomplete. He was able to see through India's endless opportunities due to its population and young generation. He finally decided to enter the EdTech market. The concept was not a fresh one, but considering the high rate of the youth population, it was undoubtedly a field that could be the starting point for his further accomplishments. Bridging the gap between educational knowledge and financial knowledge, Ed-tech in the combination with entrepreneurship is a right decision, we suppose.

Thus, Ritwiz went along with his inner instincts and decided to create a team of talented individuals. He went ahead with his friend Rohit Sharma, who had his fair share of experience in the field, and started his journey towards creating what we now know as the Bizgurukul.

Together, these talented individuals developed a platform that provided online courses in India with the help of various industry experts. These experts are highly skilled in multiple disciplines and skills such as digital marketing, Instagram marketing, spoken English, personality development, and many more. Thus, courses were created to teach the youth these skills and help them get prepared for corporate life.

Bizgurukul is not at all an old organization. The organization was founded last year on 24th March 2020. They have more than 90,000 students using their services, with the numbers only going up. With diligence, hard work, and passion, these individuals have proven that anyone can tap into, only if they try hard enough.

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