Blue Circle Raises a Fresh Funding Round From Marquee Investors

The startup will use the funds to strengthen its technology, build product and accelerate user acquisition

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Professional Networking startup, Blue Circle has raised a fresh round of funding from leading CXOs from the Private Equity, Tech, Healthcare and Legal sectors. The Gurugram-based startup has raised over $500,000 through 2 rounds of angel funding so far and is claimed to be planning a pre-Series A round in the next few months. The startup will use the funds to strengthen its technology, build product and accelerate user acquisition

"Frankly, it was a rollercoaster ride learning what senior executives want out of a professional network. Things started working when - Members started exchanging business opportunities, making real connections and meeting offline. I'm thankful to the investors for their faith in us and for the momentum their presence brings. We're introducing exciting, new tools for members to collaborate and synergistically harness India's multi-sectoral growth," said Siddharth Anand, founder and CEO, Blue Circle.

To further facilitate the exchange of opportunities, the company has launched a new version - Blue Circle 2.0, introducing a unique tool through which members can find professionals open to collaborating on projects related to their jobs and interests. The Blue Circle App is exclusive to senior leaders with over 15,000 C-Suite Executives engaged in sharing opportunities, business requirements and insights .Currently, the platform has enabled tens and thousands of connections and conversations among members. Blue Circle has also hosted over more than 100 offline and virtual events across sectors and provided quality member engagement, claimed by the company in a statement.

"I've long wished for such a clutter-free network where I can explore business opportunities in my sector and browse other areas of interest. In times to come, Blue Circle could be the world's go-to professional networking app and I am excited to be a part of this journey," said Malahara Raju Pinnelli, global vice-president of a leading tech company, Ecolab.

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