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Coldplaying with Chris Martin on his 40th Birthday: #10 Facts From Barack Obama to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the fan list of a singer cum entrepreneur - Chris Martin is absolutely huge across world.

By Komal Nathani

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When you hear the superhit songs "Yellow' or "The Scientist', the first name which pops in mind is none other than the singing sensation "Chris…Chris Martin'! But how many of you know about Coldplay's frontman? From Barack Obama to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the fan list of a singer cum entrepreneur - Chris Martin is absolutely huge across the world. The Coldplay rocker wears many hats on his head as he is not just a singer, but a record producer, songwriter and a multi instrumentalist.

On his 40th birthday today, the Coldplay rocker announced on social media that it will be releasing the Kaleidoscope EP on 2 June, 2017, which has catched large number of eyeballs in an hour.

Let us know the #10 things about Chris Martin, which we bet many of you did not know about him yet.

10. At the tender age of 11, Chris found his passion in music, and formed his life's first group band "The Rocking Honkies' with his school pal James.

9. Chris began his entrepreneurial journey while studying at University College London when he met his teammates Johnny Buckland and Guy Berryman. They formed the rock band in 1996 Coldplay, which was previously called as "Pectoralz'.

8. Chris met Gwyneth Paltrow for first time backstage at his band's concert. Although, Hollywood's superstar and the Oscar winning actress, Gwyneth Paltrow has been now divorced with him, but Chris has written many songs for Gwyneth, including "Swallowed by the Sea' and "Fix You'.

7. "Yeah they were all yellow... And it was called Yellow…' a song loved by many of us of Coldplay, do you know how the word "Yellow' came in picture? It was because Chris spotted Yellow pages while he was in the search to give it a name.

6. Did you know Chris Martin is a vegetarian? Yes, the rock band superstar is one amongst those vegan singers, who was also appreciated in "World's Prettiest Vegetarian Singers' in 2005.

5. In the famous Coldplay's videosong "The Scientist', Chris had to learn to sing the song backwards of the video.

4. In a show in London, Coldplay star Chris snubbed the chauffeur driven limo and took his entry from O2 tube on stage. The London rock show is the one amongst highly popular shows tll date of Coldplay.

3. Coldplay singer narrowly averted death once when his plane almost crashed while he was travelling to Africa for a charity work, back in 2005. The rock band singer was heading on a trip for the fair trade charity to Ghana, when the plane carrying him hit a dust storm. But eventually, the pilot managed to land the jet safely.

2. Chris can speak many different languages, as one amongst those is "Devonian', as he claims in his interviews to media.

1. Not many of us know but Coldplay's power bolt performer, Chris has contributed a lot in charity by raising money through Coldplay's shows. He spent 400,000 euro on a piece of Bansky artwork at Sean Penn's charity event. Also, at the end of 2009, Chris raised 251,482 euro auctioning some memorabilia to help and contribute for a children's charity home.
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