Education Revolution: #3 Industry Trends that Are Set to Make a Difference The interactive pedagogy is going to be a key emerging trend in this sector.

By Sneha Banerjee

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The Indian education sector is currently experiencing a wave of disruption. From e-learning platforms, to the influx of foreign universities – Indian schools and colleges have to amalgamate these latest changes into their curriculum.

However, what continues to remain a constant question is whether these changes are aimed at producing employable candidates. S Vaitheeswaran, CEO of Manipal Global Education, has been aggressively scouting new technology innovations into their system.

Here are some of the key trends that he believes will benefit employability in the near future –

Learning pedagogy is changing

There is an exponential change in this space. Micro-learning – where you are expected learn a concept within one minute. There will be small cards that will pop up on your smartphone where one can start learning via video or audio modem anywhere. The interactive pedagogy is going to be a key emerging trend in this sector.

Creating impactful content

Today in the e-learning domain, content is presented to you in the most impactful way to suit and draw the interest of a learner. Previously people had to sort to PDFs, so that you can take these things online. Today a student's attention span is less than seven minutes and within that time one needs to capture the interest of the student and make him grasp the concept.

One has to learn to create content according to the interest of the user. Today nobody wishes to create a website, since nobody today visits individual websites. A website is a very static medium.

A learner today wants to go on social media platforms and interact with other alumni or students who have experienced the curriculum of a particular institute. They would prefer this over browsing a decked up website today. A person making decisions based on websites has come down y 30 percent in the last three years.

Changing course patterns

There used to be a standard format for a curriculum or course – for instance a four year engineering degree or a three year graduation course. Today there is a mix between education and skill enhancement.

To ensure that a student is equipped with the right skills, one does not have to go to one particular college alone. He can add skills to his portfolio by taking up crash courses from external sources or taking up short training modules online. This will help shape his skills overall and make him an attractive package.

Headquartered in Bangalore, Manipal Global provides a wide range of higher education services to institutions in India. These include corporate training programmes in partnership with leading enterprises, vocational training across a number of sectors, as well as technology-driven services in areas such as testing and education delivery.

Sneha Banerjee

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