4 Ways How Govt. Would Foster Agricultural Economy Standpoint ICAR is expected to come out with a set of amendments reforming the farmer's economic growth and rectifying the hindrance in agricultural sector

By Vinayak Sharma

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PM Modi led government has discussed and asked Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) to construct a far reaching plan for upgrading the agricultural segment of the economy. Government along with the specified officials have organized a committee which is expected to execute the tasks with a set of crop recommendations considering the climatic conditions, soil health, water stress and the estimated short-term as well as long term demand for the produce within the country and globally.

ICAR's Agricultural Economy Concerned Areas

  • High level committee has been formed by the government make strides for doubling the farmer's income. Various committee members will be expected to come out with the reformed structure of the farmer's income. This would be executed in the purpose of setting up the crop price in favor of the farmers.

  • Economic feasibility of the crops is a predominant factor to be considered while amending the norms. To provide farmers and agricultural sector with remunerative contentment, government has asked ICAR and DFI (Doubling of Farmers Income Committee) to put in intense efforts in up surging the Farmer's economic status.

  • The committee has developed (RAEZ) Rain fed Agro Economic Zones in purpose to develop agro ecology specific potential rain fed crop zoning for subtending yield gaps by developing commodity crop centric value chains and providing safety nets (weather-based crop insurance).

  • To avoid food inflation, DFI has planned to work upon crop planning. Food inflation is usually caused by imbalanced demand and supply. So, the committee has developed strategy in crop planning to curb down the related troubles.

Trilochan Mohapatra, Director General ICAR said, state governments, with technical support from ICAR have already prepared District Irrigation Plans under the central government scheme Pradhan Mantri Kisan Sinchayee Yojana.

According to Mohapatra, ICAR has also procured in the preparation of state specific action plan for water sector for scientific assessment of the supply and demand side of water resources.

Any scientific review of India's current agricultural pattern will have to take into consideration the current dependency of farmers on the government fixed minimum support price (MSP) for commodities and its procurement. Although for government, at many areas related top crop cultivation and agriculture, will not be an easy task to give assured procurement but with the specified committees like ICAR and DFI, targets will become achievable.

" While the government will have no problem in approving a plan that can improve farmers' income while giving minimal stress on the environment, its implementation will only come with a political risk" said, Mohapatra.

Vinayak Sharma

Entrepreneur Staff

Correspondent, Entrepreneur India

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