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Top 5 Hiring Trends in 2019 for Students 2019 will be a game-changing year in the recruitment space as the global sourcing of candidates will still provide the recruiters with a competitive advantage

By Vidur Gupta

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For a country like India which has a huge pool of human resources available at its disposal, it is an added advantage through which it should become more productive and add more value to its growth. Being the 7th largest economy in the world which is growing at more than 7 per cent rate, the current job scenario is not encouraging enough. The year 2018 was sort of a mixed bag for job creation.

The good news for Students is that there is a significant growth in the demand for fresh talent. With the emergence of new technologies and with the constant advent in technological processes, the hiring trends for Students are bound to change for the year 2019.

Hiring Trends to Look Out For in 2019:

The Hiring Trends for Students in 2019 are going to be more strategic where the employer will be focusing on discovering the high potential in every candidate.

Candidates Will Drive the Recruitment Market: At present, candidates are more aware than ever before. In this digital age, any candidate can get every important detail required and they can filter the companies very easily. So recruiters may find it very difficult to meet a candidate's demand so it will be a quite significant factor in the upcoming year.

Change in Hiring Methodology: There has been already a significant change in the hiring process over the course of the past few years. In 2019, the hiring methodology is set for another major revamp. The Hiring methodology will include various tools like online soft skill assessment tests to evaluate the curiosity and the teamwork quality of a student.

There will be on the job assessments to check a student's adaptability towards real-time Job conditions. Tools like Video Interviews for Students for entry level Job positions can increase efficiency for any employer and campus hiring will be social media savvy including a few fun activities to assess the analytical and creative skills of the students.

Diverse Recruiting: Diversity in terms of gender and ethnicity is going to a major point during recruitment. Organizations are slated to provide equal opportunities to candidates of every gender including candidates with disabilities.

Focus on Technical Skills: This year, hiring will be more focused on the skill sets of the candidates rather than mere degrees. The key traits of the hiring in 2019 are going to be Multitasking, Decision making, Time management, and soft skills are few of the traits. On the basis of these qualities, an employer is enabled to assess the adaptability of any student to the latest and changing market dynamics. This also helps them to measure the stability or employment tenure of any student in that organization for a longer period of time. It is very important for any recruiter as they are going to invest in the student's potential.

Industry-Driven Recruitment: With the exponential rise in the MBA colleges, the quality of talent has been on a decrease. Thus, the demand for MBA's is likely to get impacted for Students in 2019. As an outcome, the maximum hiring for the Students in the year 2019 is expected to occur in the fields of IT and Engineering. BFSI can occur as the second largest industry to hire students. There will be a noticeable increase in the employment ratio of the students who are coming from tier 2 and tier 3 cities instead of metros eventually reaching to the last level of the Talent pool available in the Country today. With the startup culture booming in the country, the demand for creative professionals will also see a jump. Hiring for Students in areas of Industries like hospitality, travel, e-commerce is also expected to see a rise as these are common service-providing industries.

2019 will be a game-changing year in the recruitment space. Global sourcing of candidates will still provide the recruiters with a competitive advantage. But the key to hiring the right talent in 2019 would fall on utilizing technology in the best possible manner to hire the best talent.

Vidur Gupta

Director, Spectrum Talent Management

Vidur Gupta is the Director of Spectrum Talent Management, a HR recruitment firm.   
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