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House of Brands BIA Brands Acquires Skincare Startup TrueKind This move marks BIA's expansion into Beauty and Personal Care (BPC) segment. The financial numbers regarding the deal remains undisclosed

By Entrepreneur Staff

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BIA Brands, a 2022 June-founded FMCG startup, announced it had strategically acquired TrueKind, a skincare startup.

This move marks BIA's expansion into Beauty and Personal Care (BPC) segment. The financial numbers regarding the deal remains undisclosed.

"We are setting the stage to build and foster truly global brands that originate from India, transcending geographical boundaries and consumer expectations," shared Sudhakar Adapa, Founder, BIA Brands.

TrueKind, founded by Keshav Biyani, offers skincare products in the vegan and cruelty free segments. "The acquisition of TrueKind is a key step in BIA Brands' journey towards diversifying our offerings and venturing into the Beauty and Personal Care space. It embodies our goal to enhance our global reach and introduce innovative products," Adapa adds.

TrueKind's key products include Phyto-Retinol and Peptide Eye Cream. Biyani believes that under Adapa's leadership, TrueKind is poised for great success and growth.

"I am confident that BIA Brands will carry this legacy forward with their commitment to quality and innovation," adds Biyani.

BIA's portfolio brands include Brew & Bliss, Nut-O-Licious, and La Kah Fay.

The house of brands is set to launch a new series of brands inspired from ancient Egyptian beauty traditions. Previously, BIA strategically entered the Middle Eastern markets by bagging the rights to Hello! Arabia and Hello! Indo-Arabia.

Entrepreneur Staff

Entrepreneur Staff


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