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How Cloud Infrastructure Is Revolutionising MAdTech MAdTech is growing at an exponential rate. This requires advertisers and marketers to keep evolving and adding new technology to their inventory for the growth of their firm

By Hiren Shah

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Today, data security is really important for organisations associated with MAdTech. With on-premise servers, the costs of maintaining the data as well as securing it become very high and a company cannot really compromise on the security of the data to offer competitive pricing to its customers, not to mention the extra IT support.

Cloud on other hand provides comfort and convenience of being a third-party type system. Cloud service has multiple clients and so it has the benefit of a large investment divided among multiple clients giving a cost-benefit. Flexibility and optimal use of resources are seen as you pay only for what you use.

Even though Cloud infrastructure is a technical aspect it is quite important from a marketing and business development perspective. The complexity of managing a server is not simplified but just transferred. This transfer is what clients exactly look out for. The growth of the cloud and its allied industry is quite exponential and adapting seems to be way forward. It is easier to lock down customers and economies of scale and high capital expenditure requirements create high barriers to entry to the IaaS market. Cloud also demand higher cybersecurity services. As these cybersecurity services are managed by dedicated companies they offer better integral security.

Cloud and its future

The benefit of the cloud infrastructure comes into play to facilitate speed and efficiency between advertisers and publishers. The publisher has the traffic whose data can be captured for the benefit of the advertiser. In order to maximise payout, they need to provide their information in real-time to the advertiser and make their slot available. Both publishers as well as advertisers can access data remotely.

With more streaming database deployments as there are 26 billion IoT devices currently collecting data from sensor readings. Fully-Managed autonomous cloud database underdevelopment which will take forward the MAdTech with the help of AI-powered features like automatic detection issues and self-tailored performance insights.

MAdTech will be largely based on Multi-cloud database clusters. This will enable firms to access higher performance and also tackle internet based outages.

What is predicted?

  • Global cloud computing revenue will touch $342 billion at 24.8 per cent CAGR.
  • Global IaaS storage and other computing revenue will hit $42.9 billion by 2025.
  • Mobile edge computing as a service market will grow to $104.3 million by 2025.
  • Hybrid cloud market in the world is set to be $171,926 million by 2025.

If we look at the services offered due to cloud computing it shows clear exponential growth for MAdTech. Projections of 2025, cloud technology and MAdtech parallelly. Advertising and marketing professionals are care-free of technical hassle and can focus on their primary tasks.

MAdTech caters to smaller businesses as well as bigger firms. Big data has to be collected and stored for future use in a compressed format. Performance is important as it is a time-bound process. Cloud infrastructure promises a flexible and upgradable technology that keeps costs competitive.

MAdTech firms have to keep the cost of ownership low to maximize profit. Cloud provides solutions in terms of CRM, Automation, Marketing, Marketing Attribution and lead generation. It also improves the performance of Content management, Personalisation and Experience Management. The challenges of big data and timebound marketing gets their perfect answer from the cloud. To conclude cloud computing is already popular and has its roots supporting the MAdTech business. Platforms such as AWS, Microsoft Azure and GCP have their USPs of creating highly scalable, a secure application which has disaster recovery options. All this is not optimum for local servers and is not feasible to run on a small scale. We are going to see a lot of change in the core technology of cloud infrastructure which will simultaneously improve the MAdTech scenario.

Hybrid Cloud

Having two or more cloud architectures out of Public, Private and Community, in a hybrid cloud computing setup make it quite cost-effective. It has better security and is quite flexible. It is complex as it involves merging 2 cloud structures but is used only in a special case. Let us know if you want to know more about these cloud infrastructures.

Hiren Shah

Founder, Vertoz Adtech & Martech Business Group

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