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Are Employees In India Satisfied? 96 per cent of senior executives in India reported that employee experience had been discussed at senior management level, reveals a Economist Intelligence Unit report

By Debroop Roy

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Companies in India are paying close attention to the satisfaction levels of their employees. In a study by the Economist Intelligence Unit, a staggering 96 per cent of senior executives in India reported that employee experience had been discussed at senior management level. The study was sponsored by Citrix.

"Employees are essentially consumers of the workplace and therefore, going forward it is going to be extremely imperative for companies to align employee experience to their purpose, brand and culture," said Ravindra Kelkar, Citrix' Area Vice President of Sales & Services for Indian Subcontinent, in the report.

The data from the study states that Indian employees are among the most engaged in Asia-Pacific.

Old and New

The information technology landscape has seen a sea of change over the past few decades in India, evolving from being restricted to doing backend work to becoming a major function in many organizations.

The study found that this change had come at the expense of other functions, including human resources, with 61 per cent of respondents saying that their departments have some authority in designing and selecting systems to optimize employee experience.

20 per cent of information and technology heads now lead the employee experience in an advanced group of organizations termed "digitally more mature', the study stated.


According to the study, respondents in India ranked "technology available to employees' as the biggest reason for shaping employee experience.

This comes on the back of a steady growth of digital adoption in India with the availability of cheap mobile phones and internet data. Indians are adopting mobile subscriptions at the second fastest pace in the world, the study revealed.

Change Required

54 per cent respondents said that workplaces needed to change the way they treat employees and evolve from the idea of controlling employees to empower them.

Debroop Roy

Former Correspondent

Covering the start-up ecosystem in and around Bangalore. Formerly an energy reporter at Reuters. A film, cricket buff who also writes fiction on weekends.
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