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Know Which Technology Related Jobs Indians Love According to a report, Indians have much inclination towards learning Python as a programming language

By Debarghya Sil

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With the introduction of the Internet in our lives along with laptops and smartphones, it is needless to say we are dependent on them. The screen you are reading this is a product of technology, the phone that you are answering is a product of technology, even for some they are using a technology-enabled toothbrush. Separating our lives with technology is much tougher than separating oil from water.

Not only for personal use but technology has played a crucial role from a country's defence sector to a billion-dollar company's blueprint, technology has always found its place at the core.

With the onset of the pandemic, even our day to day activities such as meeting friends and purchasing grocery are now technology-enabled.

Understanding the demand of technology-powered solutions, demand for technology-related jobs among Indians have witnessed a significant surge.

Data Scientists Jobs Are Most Liked Among Indians

In a recent survey undertaken by Prolifics Testing, it was found that Indian were most interested in data scientists jobs, with an average of 31,000 online searches per month.

Second most searched job in terms of technology-related jobs was of data analysts jobs with 28,000 online queries every month.

Software Engineer (15,000), Web Developer (14,000) and Software Developer (12,000) jobs each accumulate more than 11,000 online searches a month each.

Interestingly, python developer jobs were the least popular, attracting as low as 8,100 online searches per month.

Python Language Attracted Highest Query

Needless to say, technology-related jobs require knowledge in at least one of the programming language. The report revealed that Indians were more interested in learning python, with a whopping 291,000 online searches for it every month -9,700 searches per day.

Java, came in the second place with 134,000 online searches in the programming language, followed by JavaScript at 108,200 and PHP at 74,900.The least interesting programming languages among Indians were R which attracted a total query volume of 10,650, C# which witnessed online query of 32,600, and CSS stood at 33,400 queries per month.

Debarghya Sil

Entrepreneur Staff

Former Correspondent


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