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Mapleblock Capital Leads a $6 Million Investment Round in MyCointainer The company intends to use the funds to build infrastructure to offer institutional services

By Shishir Jajoo

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MyCointainer was established in 2018 by Pole Bartosz Pozniak. MyContainer, an easy access staking platform, announced a $6 million raise in its seed round. The round was led by Mapleblock Capital alongside some prominent VCs like Spartan, Bybit, Nexus Ventures etc.

MyCointainer platform is an easy-to-use platform that enables retail users to stake their crypto assets and earn yield from participating in the PoS consensus mechanism. The platform has already established itself as the go-to place offering staking services for over 100 assets and already has over 110k active users. MyCointainer runs a robust infrastructure of validator nodes across multiple networks to offer to its users and keep their funds secure. Apart from this, with the newly raised funds the team also plans to build infrastructure to offer institutional services.

"With the help of Mapleblock Capital and involvement, he has been able to gather great momentum. Mapleblock is very aligned with us on the importance of yield earning capabilities and in the blockchain ecosystems. Mapleblock plays an important role in helping MyCointainer fulfill its important milestones by providing their expertise, guidance & multiple partnerships," said Bartosz, founder, MyContainer.

The company intends to use the funds in the development of Yield-earning platforms. By doing so MyCointainer will improve their B2B products and expand their research across Asia, Europe, and The Middle East, then aiming for the rest of the globe. Also, these funds will be utilized to bring in expert human powers to their team thus making their manpower more efficient.

The Mapleblock View

Proof-of-stake blockchains, unlike their Proof-of-work counterparts, cannot be mined and require validators to pool native tokens to mint and validate new blocks. It is a newer technology in the blockchain market with the combined market cap of all PoS chains being only equal to the market cap of Ethereum, it is positioned to be the dominant consensus going forward. Most newly created chains are based on PoS, this is because there is a massive concern around the power consumption of proof of work mining. Staking is a huge business that will only get bigger as PoS based chains see more adoption. The current market cap for all PoS chains is at $600bn+ of which 40 per cent is staked to nodes to generate approximately 6.5 per cent per year. This makes staking an $18 bn market today which is estimated to grow up to $50 bn by 2025.

However, the technical challenges around staking to a node deters many users to participate in this passive income generation that benefits the entire ecosystem. The ease at which MyCointainer allows an average person to invest in and out of this system positions it as a leader in the retail staking space. MyCointainer allows its participants to earn directly from their wallets through delegations. In simple words, MyCointainer puts their customer's money into autopilot earning mode while their customers can sit back and relax. MyCointainer is solving this roadblock for retail investors, most of which are entering the crypto ecosystem each year.

The presence of Polygon, an efficient payment platform makes Mycointainer a reliable and potential platform for the customers for their investment. Aside from all these, they have partnered with other sharks of the industries like Waves and Cosmos, Avalanche Labs, etc. MyCointainer's work with Crypto.com and other fast-growing blockchains for decentralization models has helped them to scale up their platform much further.

With this partnership of Mapleblock and MyCointainer both the firms aims to become a combined strength in the blockchain segment.

About Mapleblock Capital

Mapleblock Capital is a rapidly growing digital assets investment firm based out of Asia and The Middle East. The firm has over 120 blockchain investments and has backed leading projects across all blockchain sub-sectors such as DeFi, Infrastructure layers, Gaming, NFTs and DAOs.

Mapleblock is self-funded by its founder and is independent of LP pressure to provide ROI or deploy capital fast thus resulting in promising growth. This helps the firm to deploy capital strategically and hold them for an average of 2 years+.

The firm has made several more undisclosed deals with some really exciting projects in the space. Mapleblock Capital is focused to build a strong brand and identity within the niche through its impressive portfolio and strong support to new entrepreneurs. This makes Mapleblock one of the best asset investment firms, promising linear growth in the coming future.

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