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More Employees Eyeing Job Switch in Next 12 Months as Compared to 'Great Resignation' 2022: PwC Report Employees are understanding both sides of the GenAI–positive and negative impacts they could have from its implementation in the workplace

By Paromita Gupta

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Across 50 countries and territories, more than 56,000 employees reported that their top major priority is to upgrade their skills for long-term growth to expand their working careers amid rising workloads and intense uncertainty at the workplace. Around two- fifths are highly focused on new skill development and embracing Artificial Intelligence and Generative Artificial Intelligence in the midst of growing workload pressure and new opportunities in the market—only 46 per cent of employees agree that their company facilitates them with adequate opportunities to learn new skills, PwC's 2024 Global Workforce Hopes & Fears Survey reported.

As per the survey report, 45 per cent of the employees said their workload significantly increased since 2023. Additionally, 62 per cent mentioned that new developments or pace of change at the work increased dramatically in the same timeline— for 40 per cent of employees their daily work assignment responsibilities have changed to a large or very large extent, 44 per cent employees do not understand the purpose of changes. Following these concerns, 28 per cent of employees said they are extremely willing to leave their current job to work for a different company in the coming 12 months. This reported number is higher than 'Great Resignation' 2022 which was just 19 per cent.

"Technology is fundamentally transforming the way work gets done and the types of skills employers are looking for. Employees are therefore placing an increased premium on organizations that invest in their skills growth so that they can stay relevant and thrive in a digital world. Businesses in turn must be proactive in their upskilling programs - prioritising the employee experience and being transparent. Because when you meaningfully engage your workforce, they become an accelerant for successful transformation," said Pete BrownGlobal Workforce Leader, PwC UK.

Employees Confidence and Fear in GenAI

Employees are understanding both sides of the GenAI–positive and negative impacts they could have from its implementation in the workplace. Seventy-six per cent of employees expect it will generate opportunities for them to learn new skills, and 73 per cent expect it will help them to be more creative at work, while 72 per cent feel it will enhance the quality of their work.

However, 52 per cent employees feel that GenAI will increase bias in their organization that impacts them. More than half, 52 per cent said it will generate incorrect or misleading information that unknowingly expect to be correct. On the other hand, 47 per cent feel GenAI will change the work in a negative way. These concerns also touch upon the importance of having a robust supportive environment with clear governance, guidelines and training and the responsible AI strategies at the workplace, report mentioned.

Despite the potential challenges that could arise from GenAI however, employees' perception of leveraging GenAI is notably more positive than negative, the report mentioned.

"As workers face heightened uncertainty, rising workloads, and continue to face financial stress, they are prioritising skills growth and embracing new and emerging technologies such as GenAI to turbocharge their growth and accelerate their careers. The findings suggest that job satisfaction is no longer enough. Employees are placing an increased premium on skills growth in a climate characterised by constant technological change. Employers must ensure they are investing in their employees and technological platforms to mitigate employee pressures and retain the brightest talent", said Carol Stubbings, Global Markets and Tax & Legal Services (TLS) Leader, PwC UK.

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