September Turned Out to be the Month of Landmark Judgements in India

A look at some important judgments passed in this historic month of September this year.

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September has been the month of momentous judgements and landmarks. It seems as if the age of change and breaking stereotypes has finally arrived. Most, importantly, the Supreme Court has been instrumental in paving the way for a change. This highest court of law has proven its supremacy not just in law but also in wisdom. With the month coming to an end, it’s time to look at some of the judgements that will change the times to come.

The Curious Case of Queer Rights

Decriminalisation of Section 377 sent joy waves around the nation. Social Media was flooded with the gay pride flags and freedom slogans. India has been struggling in terms of gay representation and equality as long as one can remember. However, this judgement passed on September 6 turned out to be a major milestone in the history of the LGBT community.

To Give or Not to Give-Aadhar Verdict

Supreme Court dispensed Section 57 of the Aadhar Act on September 29. This move received mixed reactions from the public especially the business enterprises because many companies will face hurdles accessing people’s personal details now. Earlier everything was possible with a press of the thumb but now processes and accessing information will take time. However, on a macro level, the move is thought to be directed towards a positive stream since accessing confidential information has its own perils.

Lift the Ban!

After changing the scenario of the rights of the LGBT community, the privacy of the people, the Supreme Court passed another landmark judgement in the sphere of gender stereotypes. The apex court lifted the ban on women in Sabarimala Temple in Kerela which restricted them from entering the temple premises. This historic verdict came after 28 years but louder were the roars of victory. Women can now menstruate and visit the temple without having their faith compromised!

The Great Adultery Anguish

Supreme Court decriminalised adultery. Another unforgettable judgement came on September 27 when the top court highlighted that adultery is not a criminal offence and individuals have the freedom to exercise choice in private zones. Moreover, Justice Chandrachud highlighted an unmistakable aspect of the Indian society in his judgement. He said, “Society imposes impossible virtues on a woman. Raises her to a pedestal. Confines her to spaces.”