Social Community Platform Pankhuri Acquires Palash With this acquisition, Palash will be rebranded as the Pankhuri Community and will relaunch the technology and the app for the combined user base and trainers

By Teena Jose

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Pankhuri, a social community platform, has announced the acquisition of Palash, a platform dedicated to the empowerment of Indian women. The strategic move aims to harness the combined strengths of both companies to drive innovation, expand reach, and enhance the lives of millions of Indian women.

According to an official statement, the platform will inherit Palash's user base, trainers, and technology infrastructure, enhancing Pankhuri's offerings and further enriching its engagement with Indian women. It added, Palash will be rebranded as the Pankhuri Community and will relaunch the technology and the app for the combined user base and trainers.

"We believe that by combining the forces of Pankhuri and Palash, we can yield a more resourceful platform for connecting, engaging and discovery. This collaboration will allow us to innovate and amplify our efforts, ushering in a new era of possibilities for women across India," said Moksha Srivastava, CEO, Pankhuri.

With this acquisition, Pankhuri aims to garner 10 Lakh registered users and 2000 experts in the next 2 years, creating a more empowered and prosperous landscape for Indian women, where learning, connecting, and thriving converge seamlessly, the statement noted.

"This collaboration marks a momentous step in our journey towards women empowerment. The merger of Pankhuri and Palash signifies a commitment to uplift and nurture the potential of women across tier 2+ cities," stated Pallavi Patil, co-founder, Palash.

Founded by Pallavi Patil and Jaydeep Pawar, Palash is an innovative platform designed to empower Bharat women through skill development, community engagement, and micro-business opportunities.

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