The Tech Trinket: Four Professionals On Using ChatGPT For Productivity

Many will come, and many have gone, but OpenAI's phenomenon called ChatGPT will be remembered as a one-of-its-kind. We asked four professionals on how are they optimizing the AI star

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Many will come, and many have gone, but OpenAI's phenomenon called ChatGPT will be remembered as a one-of-its-kind. While the world waits for Google, Microsoft and corporate giants to bring their live version to the table, let's just say people are enjoying using ChatGPT, the majority for its productivity offerings

Adarsh Gupta, Digital Content Creator-

While using ChatGPT, I just realised it can be a great source to find a counter opinion, as a scriptwriter or someone who writes for publications you can simply ask a question against your thinking to develop a different perspective, debugging is another space which is going to be much efficient as the platform will evolve and there is much more to it.

Beerud Sheth, CEO and Co-founder, Gupshup-

I use "fine-tuned" versions of ChatGPT to help me analyze large document sets such as financial reports. I used Gupshup's Auto Bot Builder for fine-tuning. Once the fine-tuned model is built, I can get quick and direct responses to questions like "Why did it miss the forecast?" or "What is the CEO's sentiment?" etc. It allows me to get beyond the numbers and get to the essence of the report.

Pearl Agarwal, Founder & Managing Director at Eximius Ventures-

Chat GPT is an invaluable tool for content generation, despite its limitations. Its ability to generate decent initial drafts and reduce research time makes it an essential part of our content creation process. I rely on Chat GPT's services whenever I need to undertake deep research work or prepare content for external or internal use.

Pari Natarajan, CEO, Zinnov-

I recently spent an hour in conversation with ChatGPT, exploring the latest value chain in healthcare, including payers, providers, and life sciences. There's been much furore about ChatGPT and its capabilities because it's intuitive, engaging, and quick. I have been able to successfully halve the time to check my emails and social media posts. I now rely on it to augment my learning around the industries we work in to identify key trends and evolution over time.

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