TiEcon Delhi 2023: A Quick Chat With The Co-chairs

We had the opportunity of interacting with both chairs of TiEcon Delhi Prashant Tandon, CEO & co-founder of Tata 1mg and Suchi Mukherjee Founder & CEO of LimeRoad during the days leading up to the big event.

By Kavya Pillai

TiEcon Delhi 2023

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The prestigious TiEcon awards will be held in Delhi NCR on the 17th & 18th of March 2023. The theme for this year is Navigating the New World and the team has lined up a diverse set of speakers including feted founders and key stakeholders. Not just this but they have also organized sessions on engaging topics, networking opportunities and curated pitching initiatives which slate TiEcon Delhi 2023 to be a promising event for all those in attendance. This year the event will be co-chaired by Prashant Tandon, CEO & co-founder of Tata 1mg and Suchi Mukherjee Founder & CEO of LimeRoad.

We had the opportunity of interacting with both chairs during the days leading up to the big event. Prashant who is one of the leading entrepreneurs in Indian Digital Healthcare since 2009, has also been representing the industry across multiple forums. Under his leadership, TATA 1mg has disrupted the standard model of healthcare delivery and grown to operate India's largest online Pharmacy, Diagnostics and eConsultation platform thus making healthcare accessible and affordable for millions of Indians. In our conversation, Prashant shared how elated to be "driving TiEcon this year" as a co-chair especially now that the event is live, unlike the time during the pandemic. "What I am looking forward to is people having structured conversations through the networking spaces we have planned and scaling themselves," he said.

Co-chair Suchi who has scaled direct-to-consumer fashion labels in India, created a discovery platform with peak revenues of ₹900cr and was awarded the best supply chain award in India, spoke to us about the impact the event will have on those in attendance. She said, "It is important to hear from entrepreneurs who have been through downfalls and have risen from it as they will tell you the truth about those challenging times that come in every entrepreneur's journey." She further added that one of the big realisations aspiring entrepreneurs in attendance will have is that there are "many unexpected challenges" in the entrepreneurial journey and adapting to those are crucial.

Their lineup of sessions offers a ringside view of trends, opportunities, strategies, and innovations. Key speakers include Amitabh Kant, (G20 Sherpa, Government of India), Deep Kalra (Founder & Chairman at MakeMyTrip Limited), Aman Gupta (Co-Founder & CMO, boAt Lifestyle), Aditya Ghosh (Founder, Homage & Co-Founder, AkasaAir), Shikhar Dhawan (Indian Cricketer), Alok Mittal (Co-founder & CEO at Indifi Tech), Apurva Chamaria (Head, Startups & VC at Google India), Prashant Tandon (Co-Founder & CEO at TATA 1mg), Lathika Pai (Country Head, Venture Capital & PE Partnerships at Microsoft), Arvind Kumar (Dir. General - STPI), Suchi Mukherjee (Founder & CEO, LimeRoad), Arjun Vaidya (Co-Founder of V3 Ventures), Dr Apoorva Sharma (Co-founder of Venture Catalysts & 9Unicorns), Shridhar Rajgopalan (Managing Director and Lead, Accenture), Padmaja Ruparel(Co-Founder of IAN & Founding Partner of IAN Fund), Rema Subramanian(Co-founder & Managing Partner at Ankur Capital), Vikram Gupta(Founder & Managing Partner at IvyCap) & many more.

TiEcon Delhi serves as a platform for entrepreneurs to connect, learn and grow together. Google, Sequoia, and Microsoft are some of their key partners and the awards partner will be Entrepreneur India at this year's conference.

When we asked both the chairs of the TiEcon Delhi what they are most excited about apart from the illustrious panels, they unanimously said a session by Comedian "Papa CJ".

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