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Steps to Ensure Employees' Safety at Workplace It is necessary to make your employees understand what needs to be done when there is a crisis in a form of a natural disaster or by a violent person

By Kavita Nigam

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Creating safe working environment at any workplace is an essential task for its human resource team and managers. It does not matter what employee strength a business has, workplace safety can never be taken lightly in any business. All companies should have safety regulations and must ensure that these regulations are met by all their employees. Few steps to ensure safety of employees at workplace:

  1. Awareness is the Key: Being aware and teaching awareness is a positive and proactive approach by the team, which helps in addressing potential and upcoming dangers before they become an issue for its employees. Criminals usually surprise by their act. Paying attention to suspicious and unusual behaviour helps in identifying the odds and it is important to be firm while dealing or challenging the odd. Do not be afraid to report or enquire against unusual things happening around. Also, motivate your employees to be strong and fearless.
  2. Develop a Strategic Plan: It is necessary to make your employees understand what needs to be done when there is a crisis in a form of a natural disaster or by a violent person. The policy and procedure manual of all businesses should have a detailed written plan of action with the strategic implementation which helps to understand how to deal with a particular situation. The plan should be made with the support of legal team/counsellor.
  3. Designate a Proper Emergency Exit: While developing the work space, it is very important to designate the emergency exits. All employees should be familiarised with the emergency exit properly in case of any alarming situation. A document should be made with a map of the exit doorways highlighting proper emergency exit signs.
  4. Do the Drill: Just developing a plan is not enough for your employees. It is a must to plan mock drills every quarter or at least once in six months to train and alert your employees. Drills make them practice what needs to be done and where to go in time of crisis.
  5. Maintenance of the Building: It is very important to maintain the building of your workplace. The management should get the building inspected from time to time and necessary improvements should be done. Small safety measures like adding rubber padding at the end of the stairways, mats to avoid slipping can give your employees safety as well as the peace of mind.
  6. Streamline HR Policies: Regulations and policies help in maintaining decorum and discipline at the workplace. All companies should incorporate necessary regulations and policies. Strict rules and regulations should be highlighted in the policies. Also, policy manual on Sexual Harassment and Special Cell should be created.
  7. Maintain Records of Visitors: Establish a proper procedure for recording the entry of visitors before they come inside the office premises. It is necessary to check the identification of the visitor and take necessary details before allowing the person to enter the premises.


All these tips help an organization in achieving a healthy and safe workplace environment and also achieve overall productivity. It is necessary for the management and human resource team to encourage safety practises. A safe workplace helps employees to work comfortably without being worried about their own safety, thereby increasing their productivity &also help an organization achieve its goals effectively and efficiently.

Kavita Nigam

General Manager, HR, Publicity and Promotion, KARAM Industries

Kavita Nigam has an experience of more than 15 years in KARAM,  and is responsible for Publicity and HR in the company. 

With a degree in Medicine, and an exposure to the manufacturing Operations, Nigam has developed an indepth understanding of the technical aspects of the products.

Her strong association with the Creative team in the company provides a distinct edge in converting this knowledge into a language that is beneficial to the end customer. 

Nigam's role as the HR Head in the company has also worked as a symbiotic advantage for both the development of the team and her personal growth.

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