Why India should start using online Tribute services By collating messages, videos, and pictures of and for the deceased, online tribute services are ensuring the bereaved family, and friends and relatives of the deceased get their closure and solace, from any corner of the world, even if they have not been able to attend the funeral

By Sumit Khaitan

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Posting an obituary when a loved one passes away is an inexpressible pain. Friends and relatives of the deceased come to extend their condolences when they learn of the person's demise. Families' emotional attachment and bond with their deceased relative prompts them to pay tribute to the departed.

As now we all are aware that in order to prevent the spread of the COVID-19, the government has issued orders to limit the size of public gatherings. The government's rules extend even to funerals. As a result, fewer people are attending funerals. While limiting the size of gatherings at funerals is an excellent way to prevent coronavirus from spreading, it makes it impossible for everyone who wishes, to pay their respects to the departed. Many who would like to bereave with the family and friends of someone who has passed away can't do so because of the government's orders.

In such a scenario, people can create befitting tributes online. Posting obituaries, like much else, is being reshaped by technology and is now widely accepted in India. Online obituaries help all the family and friends grieve the passing of a loved one. Such obituaries are dynamic tributes to a deceased person. By collating messages, videos, and pictures of and for the deceased, online tribute services are ensuring the bereaved family, and friends and relatives of the deceased get their closure and solace, from any corner of the world, even if they have not been able to attend the funeral.

How does it work?

One can create a profile or a personalized tribute page on the websites of tribute services for their dear ones who are no more and give information about the 'chautha', 'baithak', and other rituals. Such platforms are well integrated with email, Whatsapp, and SMS. Due to the ongoing situation, the people in India should also tilt towards online tribute services as they reassure to say goodbye to a loved one and share the memories without the need to bring people together physically in one place.

Memorials Allow Everyone to Participate

As these memorials are online, they allow you to connect with a huge number of people around the world. You can communicate it with friends and family around the country or even internationally what is occurring and what happened, thus allowing everyone to participate.

Share Your Thoughts Not Just Information

When grieving, many people need to do more than just say a loved one has passed on. We have seen that on social media platforms like Facebook or Whatsapp, people just react on obituary information by just writing RIP or Om Shanti which seems merely as a formality of paying tribute. The reason has been that such platforms are not the correct place to create obituaries or tributes. The need to share their thoughts and feelings about the deceased can only be done meticulously on a proper tribute page of the deceased. Also, the tributes paid by people have limited visibility on Facebook as people do not generally scroll back too long to read older posts. A tribute page provides you with the ability to do just that. It also allows your loved ones to share thoughts about the individual all in one place and can view even the oldest posts in a click.

Global Reach

Online memorials allow people to participate in the grieving process from anywhere across the globe and at any time, whether it's day or night. If someone is not able to attend the last ceremonies of the deceased person, he/she can still participate in the grieving process with online tribute platforms. Such public displays of grief are essential for emotional recovery after bereavement.

It's There For The Long Term

An online obituary is online forever, which means future generations can learn about their forefathers. People who never knew their grandparents could visit online obituaries to learn about the extraordinary lives their ancestors lived. When an online obituary is created, it becomes a repository of people's lives for future generations, thus helping you to grieve more reassuringly.


Marking the death of someone is important, and if you cannot bring people together in one place, with online tribute, you can still celebrate life and hold a fitting memorial. An online tribute platform comes as a solace for people who wish to pay their tributes on the demise of their loved ones from far away and preserve their memories for a lifetime in a beautiful manner.

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Sumit Khaitan

Project Head, Tributes.in

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