3 Ways Professionals Can Maximize Reach Via Social Media Hamad Al-Yafei and Yemani Mason share how professionals in all industries can expand their reach using social media

By Shivang Saxena

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Hamad Al-Yafei and Yemani Mason

Social media platforms have become a one-stop-shop for e-commerce and influencers. But can Facebook and Instagram help professionals in other industries? Lawyer Hamad Al-Yafei and Entrepreneur Yemani Mason say yes. A strategic social media presence can help expand outreach and brand awareness for all sectors. These experts state that professionals must leverage the power of social media to spread information that matters beyond the rosy-life of social media posts. Keep reading for their top three social media tips for expanding your reach and follower-base.

Master the #hashtag

No matter what industry you work in, it would help if you learned how to use hashtags on social media appropriately, said Mason. "Professionals from diverse sectors can benefit from hashtags. They maximize your reach over the platform."

According to Yafei, hashtags attached to your post make your content discoverable by people who do not follow you yet. "So when potential customers search keywords or phrases, they will be linked over to your page," he said. "As a lawyer, I use legal hashtags to make my account more discoverable."

Social media sites like Instagram and Facebook tend to prioritize relevant and useful results in their search bar. It means that if you use appropriate hashtags in every post, your brand will start ranking higher on results pages. Mason believes, this is one of the best possible ways to connect with new customers. #Useful.

Link your digital accounts

Yafei says that digital interactions happen within a series of clicks. "You need to link people to the actions you want them to take," he said. Yafei recommends linking your Facebook and Instagram pages. "Therefore, every time you post on one platform, it will automatically post on the other. This nearly doubles your reach without any extra work." Mason says you should not stop there. "Link your social media accounts back to your website or appointment booking service. Ultimately, that's how you'll get results out of your social media page," he said. "Increased flow to the social accounts means increased flow to your website, which results in more clients and a broader reach."

Leverage sponsored ads

Targeted ads are one of the biggest advantages that social media advertising has over paper advertising, says Mason. "You can ensure that your information falls into the hands of people who fit the description of your target customer," said Mason. "By spending even $20, social media platforms will put your ad into the newsfeeds of the people you are trying to attract. This increases your reach and grows your brand immediately." Yafei says that you need to have an idea of who your target customer is for this to work. "Narrow down the demographics of your audience, and targeted ads will do the rest of the work for you."

No matter what industry you are in, social media can help you expand your outreach and attract new clients. According to Morgan and Yafei, these social media hacks can help professionals in all arenas grow their personal brands successfully.

Shivang Saxena

Freelance writer

Shivang Saxena is a New Delhi-based writer-entrepreneur. Reading, writing & entrepreneur-ing always. He's the founder of The Words Vibe. A platform for newbie writers to hone their skills. He's also working with his first book called, "Too Many Thoughts, Too Many People" which is due to get published by end of 2021. 

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