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4 Ways Regional Creators Approach Digital Influencing Locally connected influencers help the brand remain rooted, real, and raw. Regional influencers are local experts with a lot of influence in their communities. They can help you get your message out and are often good at getting interested people to watch or read what they have to say. Here are four ways regional creators approach their work.

By Kavya Pillai

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Karsten Winegeart

Locally connected influencers help the brand remain rooted, real, and raw. Regional influencers are local experts with a lot of influence in their communities. They can help you get your message out and are often good at getting interested people to watch or read what they have to say. We know that regional influencers can be a powerful tool for brands and businesses. Whether it's because they're able to tap into their audience's culture and language, or because they have a deep understanding of the needs of their customers, regional influencers are the perfect way for brands to reach every region across India with their products and services.

Regional influencers are great because they help your brand stand out from other companies. In an increasingly competitive market where customers are inundated with messages from all kinds of companies, your brand needs to stand out from the crowd. That's why creating content in local languages is so important, it lets you do just that! Whether it's a post about how your product is made or how much money you give back to society through your business model, local influencers will be able to help you tell those stories in their own language and culture. Here are four ways regional creators approach their work.

1. Make The People's Choice

Social media currently has more accounts than the world has people. This makes it exceedingly challenging to make your mark in this fast paced virtual world where half these accounts are of influencers. Shivani Kapila aka Little Glove a digital content creator shared that she found her niche by listening to her followers. She said, "Honestly, I didn't choose my niche but my viewers did! It sounds funny but as a creator, I believe that content is a two-way process. If you listen, your followers and subscribers tell you what they like and what sort of content they expect from you. I heard what my followers expected from my content and created my niche with a conscious awareness."

2. Offer Something Substantial

While there is a new trend everyday on the internet, the audience is in a forever quest for something new and unique. Content creator Naveen Singh aka Bihari Ladka said, "Before making any video, I have to check whether it will be relatable or not. Content ideas come from what I see in daily life. People's humor, their daily routines or anything funny that I see around myself, I make content around it. I believe the more I observe, the more relatable and funnier content I can make which also helps me grow on the digital platforms. However, while making relatable content I also ensure that I don't end up hurting anyone's sentiments."

3. Reaching Digital Goals

Regional content creators in ways appear to have to work harder to reach social media goals. Weather it is increasing their reach, sponsored deals or followers. The backdrop of regional content may pose as a challenge initially than a benefit. Madan Gowri, a south YouTuber, Podcaster and Entrepreneur shared, "Not necessarily. I think creators have to consider content creation as a part of their lifestyle. I believe, work and life merge together when you are a creator. If someone is comfortable being a creator even in the middle of the night or even when no one knows if he or she exists as a creator, it will be very easy for them to garner followers." On the contrary Kapila said, "People assume that when you come from a region, it is easy to reach and meet your audience, however, I feel it is a myopic view. If you look at the creator economy with a wider lens, regional creators often find themselves struggling to reach social media goals. They often deal with a lack of awareness and accessibility and are often overshadowed."

4. The Number Game

The metric to measure a successful influencer unfortunately begins with the number of followers. These numbers are challenging to increase and more over retain. Content Creator Dipraj Jadhav shared his thoughts on increasing the follower count, "I feel one should just keep working hard and be consistent in posting; this is the only way to upgrade and stand out from other creators. Considering the competition, only your continuous efforts and unique content can help you breakthrough and reach a larger audience and bigger reach." Singh added, "It is not difficult but definitely challenging because as a regional creator, your audience-base is very limited especially at the start. There is a very small section of the audience who actually appreciates your content or resonates with it. As I am from Bihar, the usage of smart phones is very limited and content creation is not considered a profession there. It is difficult to start and touch base when you come from such regions."

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