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This is How Google Plans To Safeguard Users From Cyber Attacks Google's browser Chrome will now warn the users if their username and password have been compromised in a data breach on some site or app

By Shreya Ganguly

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Amid increased instances of data and privacy breach, search giant Google's browser Chrome will now warn the users if their username and password have been compromised in a data breach on some site or an app. Uses will be allowed to control this feature in Chrome Settings under Sync and Google Services.

According to the official statement, Google had introduced this technology early this year as the Password Checkup extension. In October it became a part of the Password Checkup in your Google Account, where users can conduct a scan of their saved passwords anytime.

"We're gradually rolling this out for everyone signed into Chrome as a part of our Safe Browsing protections," the statement noted.

Phishing Protections

According to the latest update, if a user is signed into Chrome and have the sync enabled, then predictive phishing protection will warn the users when they enter their passwords on a site suspected for phishing This protection has been in place since 2017, and it is being further expanded to protect users even if sync is not enabled.

Apart from this, this feature will now work for all the passwords stored in Chrome's password manager.

The internet giants are stepping up their efforts after being criticised across the globe for lack of proper measures to safeguard users. Most recently, Facebook announced its plans to have community reviewers to fact check content being posted on the platform. These community reviewers will work as researchers to find information to contradict online hoaxes or corroborate other claims. The reviewers will not be Facebook employees but will be hired on contract through Facebook partners.

Google's India Initiatives

Last month, Google India appointed Former Star and Disney's head Sanjay Gupta as Country Manager. Gupta will also serve the internet company as Vice President of Sales and Operations for India. Gupta will take on the role early next year and will be based out of Mumbai. He will be working closely with teams-based in Gurgaon, Hyderabad and Bengaluru and will be responsible for expanding the internet ecosystem, driving Internet adoption among consumers and businesses, and accelerating innovation.

Earlier in September, during Google for India event, the tech giant had also launched its new app Google Pay For Business to encourage small and medium-sized merchants to adopt digital payments. According to the company, this app will make the process of onboarding easier via video KYC, and instant verifications using Google Duo. The company is also making payments available to debit and credit cardholders through "tokenized' cards which is a secure way of paying via a digital token instead of using card number.

Google also joined hands with National Skills Development Corporation where students will be allowed to easily get started with Jobs and also find better employment.

The technology company is also planning to launch AI (artificial intelligence) lab in Bengaluru where the team will be focussing on: i) Advancing fundamental computer science and AI research by partnering with the research community across the country. ii) Applying the research to tackle big problems in fields such as healthcare, agriculture, and education and also use it to make apps and services.

Shreya Ganguly

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