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First-time Startup Owners in 2018: 5 Must-Have Startup Kits That Nobody Tells You About These startup kits cannot be purchased externally.

By Rahul R

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Now, with unconventional being the buzzword, adding an element of unconventionality into the conventional startup aspects could potentially make your startups (and your ventures) exciting for your customers/clients.We need to experiment with the taste of business as well and then look for various flavours in the work that we do. In this regard, Entrepreneur India lists 5 unconventional startup kits that business owners could keep with themselves while beginning their first new ventures. Check these unconventional aspects below:

  • Writing skills: Believe it or not, sharp writing skills coupled with good oratory skills are big assets while you start-off with your first entrepreneurial venture. As a founder of a business/company, it is important that you master the skill of drafting content to be used for a variety of purposes. Your mentors (and investors) are impressed only if you convince them that you have a proper business plan in place, these needs to be done in the form of writing.

    In cases wherein you do not have a large team and you are the only person to take care of aspects such as website updating and digital marketing campaigns, it is only your writing and the logic you put into paper that counts. More effective your content, the better chances you stand to getting mentored by experts and higher are the chances that your venture gets highlighted externally; for your business venture.

  • Ability to listen to understand: This is vital; as being a owner of a startup requires you to constantly take feedback and suggestions from almost everybody you meet. Irrespective of the validity of the advice offered, listen to understand and not to argue. Listening to the opposite party enables you to make informed decisions on the current situation.

    Informed decisions are of utmost importance in your business venture. Therefore, always understand what you encounter and only then respond; not vice-versa. This would always take you places.

  • Smart work tactics: Now, smart work does not mean that you get to skip work or not put in effort; it only refers to the right amount of efforts required to be put to complete each task. This is an intuitive process. Entrepreneurship in 2018 has graduated from "Living in the office" to "Managing office". Therefore, figure out intuitively on how to work smart (and hard) so that you get ample time for your life outside office as well.

    Pick on the most time-consuming tasks, and complete these within your most productive work hours of the day; post this, you would find sufficient time to complete the other tasks at hand.

  • Talent identification: Once you have begun your entrepreneurial journey, with the above unconventional tools, you would need the assistance of one more; the talent identification talent. This tool cannot be purchased externally, but can be developed internally.

    Speak to a multitude of people (all categories) over meaningful conversations; increased interaction naturally arouses the ability to identify the interest level within the opposite person. This person could be a potential inductee into your venture. Never treat such persons as resources, but rather as assets to your venture. Remember that your venture needs something with a difference to survive.

  • Work Organization: Each of your ventures, with a team, needs smart work organization internally. The productivity of your venture depends on how smartly you organize work with your team members. Never push your team members to concentrate on more than a couple of tasks at a time (unless there is an emergency brewing). Learn the art of effective work distribution, amongst your team members. Remember that happy employees are directly responsible for a happy and healthy workplace.

Rahul R

Former Staff

Rahul R is a media professional with over 6 years of experience. Prior to Entrepreneur India, Rahul was a Senior Technical Journalist at EFY digital magazine. 
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