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Bored of daily gym routine? FitMeIn allows you to explore hundreds of fun workouts everyday FitMeIn brings you the convenience of designing a healthy regime without affecting your daily routine.

By Swadha Mishra

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74. 40. 60. At the onset, these numbers make no sense. These numbers could be a password, or some form of a coded message, or a secret combination for your gym locker. But when you delve deeper, these numbers speak volumes about the recent trend pacing up in the fitness space.

Studies have indicated that over 74 per cent of urban Indians are overweight. Around 40 per cent of the overweight people show intent to lose weight, but are not taking any significant action to control the same; while the remaining 60 per cent are putting in serious efforts to lose weight.

Now here's the "good' and the "bad' news! The good news is that with rising obesity levels, there's also increasing health consciousness among urban Indians across all age groups. Better health, fit and toned body, appreciation among peer groups, and confidence are driving men and women to lose weight. But the bad news is that majority of overweight people, who can be labeled as "intenders', lack motivation to get out of their shells and put honest efforts to change their lifestyle to attain a healthy mind, body and soul.

From Flab to Fab

I'm too tired! I'm a newbie, it seems impossible! It's too hot! Or it's too cold! Can I sleep for 5 more minutes? I'm bored of same workout routine! I hit the gym yesterday only; I can manage to skip it today! It's raining! It's too late now! I can't ignore my work commitments…!! We often come across such excuses…isn't it? The list seems endless and the reasons could be many.

But here's a start-up that will leave no room for your excuses to fit in. Yes, you heard me right!! FitMeIn brings you the convenience of designing a healthy regime without affecting your daily routine.

Now you don't need to wait till New Year to make yet another unsuccessful resolution to hit the gym. The online fitness portal, which is owned and operated by New Delhi-based Pasta Lifestyle Solution Private Limited, strives to help you make healthier choices and improve your physical, mental and spiritual state of being.

Mix, Match & Play

We all know that same workout sessions don't render same results for everyone. Each body is different and so should be the workout sessions. As the saying goes that "one size does not fit all', gymmers experience this in reality. New fitness strategies, mixing of different workout sessions, creating optimum diet plan, and most importantly, setting clear goals come together to bring out effective end results.

FitMeIn strives to change the way people exercise only by making it more fun and interesting. So, if you want to do Zumba on Monday, Yoga on Tuesday, and a session of high-intense Kickboxing on Wednesday; just log in, book relevant activity and head on!

The Beginning…

The journey which once started as an experiment to encourage friends to lead a healthier lifestyle soon took shape of a thriving business model. Mundane treadmills, mind-numbing trials, negotiation with multiple fitness studios, multiple gym memberships, and same old boring workout routines ignited the entrepreneurial spirit and motivated the team to launch FitMeIn.

Incorporated in April 2015 by former Ernst & Young professionals and friends Vishesh Goel, Lalit Singh and Nidhisha Varshney; FitMeIn, within a span of few months, has managed to build a network of over 250 premium gyms and fitness studios across Delhi-NCR, extensively covering almost 5,000 fitness workout sessions every week on its platform.

Get DigiFit

FitMeIn offers members a monthly multi-studio membership to premium fitness sessions for as low as Rs 2,499. In return, the members get 20 FitCoins per month to choose anything from Gym workout, Pilates, Cardio, Yoga, Strength Training, Zumba, Crossfit, Bootcamp, Personal Coach, Martial Arts, Dance, Sports and many more.

Currently, members can book services online, but the team soon plans to launch their Android and iOS app by end of September. Each workout is worth 0.5-1.5 FitCoins, giving members anywhere between 15-20 workout sessions in a month. Moreover, the same can be topped up anytime as per members' convenience. These FitCoins could be used across all FitMeIn partner studios to ensure that location never becomes a constraint for you again.

Also, each membership cycle is a month long, which implies that users can always renew their membership within 30 days of the start of the membership, excluding the requirement of any annual or long-term commitments.

So don't just dabble in gym; lace up your sneakers, pack your gym essentials and make headway!!

Swadha Mishra

Former Staff, Entrepreneur.com

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