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7 Things To Remember Before Starting Your Own Food Business Here are a few things that can ensure that you are following the right track for the success of your food business

By Shradha A Salla

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The food business, as we know, is growing by the minute. People are investing tremendously into this field and there are a number of different kinds of food businesses emerging that people are doing right from when it's in its raw stage until it is absolutely served on the plate.

  1. The most important advice for people is to know your trade. It's very important to know what you are getting into. While it's important to know your strengths and it's also important to consider your possible setbacks, you must also be up-to-date with all the necessary licensing, health and tax laws. Like it works for any other startup, you have to find your calling from within and then take a step towards that because starting your own business is an extremely consuming job and your passion towards it is the only thing that can drive you.

  2. It is also very important to understand your target market. It is essential for you to understand who you are dealing with, where your target audience is, which kind of people will come and enjoy your food to the maximum. An in-depth study of the market around you is something that should be taken care of in the initial stages of planning. After studying the target market, it could also prove beneficial to study your competition and analyze their strategies so that you know what you must/must not do.

  3. The next important thing to consider is quality. Whether it is something raw, or something that you are manufacturing, or retailing, or serving directly to the people - quality is extremely important. You can have the most amazing atmosphere and ambience and spend obscene amounts on the interiors and the overall restaurant but the quality of your food will always remain the deal breaker.

  4. The biggest emphasis for any business should be on their customer service. No matter how cliché the phrase - "Your customer is always right" is, it holds true for every business in the service industry. One must ensure optimum customer satisfaction as that leads to customer loyalty and inspires better word of mouth – which can make or break your business.

  5. Valuing your staff is very important, yet not taken as seriously by most entrepreneurs. Your staff is basically your family away from home and you must treat them like one. If your energy is negative and not positive towards them then that will definitely reflect on their services and eventually hamper your business. They must be looked after and given frequent incentives for motivation to keep the work environment positive.

  6. Planning your menu well is another critical thing as that is a key decider of the fate of your business. Your menu is your primary means of representation and should explicitly convey the personality of your business. It establishes direct engagement with your customer and should educate them about much more than just listing items. It's also necessary to keep in mind that your menu must-have items that interest your target customers and provide them with the necessary information about the same while conveying the overall experience your brand has to offer them.

  7. In this day and age, one of the most important tools is cited as knowing your social media well. Knowing how to advertise the right way to reach the right demographics and knowing what platforms to leverage to build visibility around your brand should be of utmost priority. Let's not forget social media is one of the quickest ways to generate free publicity and also to interact and build engagement with your audience to gauge their likes and dislikes, and also allows constructive criticism.

Shradha A Salla


After undergoing extensive training and practicing for a number of years as a numerologist, tarot reader, Vastu practitioner and a qualified healer, Shradha has a loyal clientele comprising of the who’s who from all fields internationally. However, that wasn’t it for Shradha.

The entrepreneurial bug in her came to light soon after as she now has her own brand creations – I LOVE ME and I LOVE EDAMAME – which started off as an aim to make Edamame available as an affordable product for the masses. Three years down the line, she has a partner on board and the business is growing steadily.

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