The Science Behind Naming a Business Numerology here can make a big difference, as it has the ability to measure the vibrations of every alphabet that goes into making a name

By Trishul Arora

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Whenever we embark on a new venture we are very acutely aware of the stakes. After all, with all the emotions, aspirations and hard work that go into it, we have a lot to risk in case we fail. As a result, we are willing to invest in whatever it takes to ensure its success.

But very often, the things that we tend to overlook are the things that matter the most. "What's in a name?' they say. And yet, studies have shown that the name of an organization is so integral to its identity that there are instances of companies completely overhauling their image, and re-inventing themselves, in order to boost growth and improve their brand image.

Even as people, our names are like our fingerprints, they offer a unique gateway into our identity, allowing people to relate to us, whether in a good or a bad way. Yet most people struggle when it comes to choosing the right name for their business venture or even their newborn.

Business Name Numerology:

The first and the foremost part of starting a venture is to give a name to the business or brand. Not only it is an identity that the promoter or employees emotionally connect with, but also is the first thing its customers learn about. It is through this name that they make an impression about the promoters and the offered product/service.

It is said that Numerology here can make a big difference, as it has the ability to measure the vibrations of every alphabet that goes into making a name.

Specifically, the alphabets can help determine:

  1. Whether the business correctly vibrates the inherent nature i.e. Technical, Creative, Mechanical, Philanthropy, Inspirational etc.

  2. How customers will perceive its identity, and

  3. Whether the alphabets create a harmony for success.

Hence, coupled with the right intent, ethics, and effort made by the creators of the business, a name incorporating the right alphabets and numbers is likely to perform and grow faster.

Name Numerology: Occult vs. Mathematics

We consider Numerology to be a science that measures the direct correlation between the vibration of alphabets in a name and numbers. And it's similar to mathematics. As per the science, every alphabet in a name is similar to Keys of Piano. While randomly pressed keys can create a disharmony of noise, however, a properly chosen combination can create melodious music. Similarly, a carefully chosen alphabets to form a name can create harmony to attract success and growth in the business. In fact, modern science is now exploring this phenomenon today, through the theory of Nominative Determinism.

However, people lack awareness and tend to classify Numerology along with predictive and occult sciences such as Astrology, Tarot, Palmistry etc. This has been further complicated by mysticism created by some commercially minded practitioners.

Increased Awareness

Today, be it budding entrepreneurs or expecting parents, a lot of thought is being put in and research conducted before naming a startup or a newborn. Google searches for entrepreneurs looking for Business Names or parents for Baby names are more than 400,000 per month in India alone and increasing steadily. In fact, online portals allow people to do name analysis for free, so that they can see for themselves how names create an impact in life and at work. All based on mathematical principles

The Advent of Online Business Name Numerology

Today classic Numerology as a science is practiced by very limited individuals based out of their homes. Unfortunately, most have blended it with other occult sciences and made it too complicated for people to understand. This discouraged clients, who either faced difficulty finding a true numerologist or found them too expensive to avail the service.

As such, the adoption and expansion of this science were limited for businesses. However, the advent of internet and mobility have helped bridge this gap. Today more and more people are getting aware & realizing the importance of this science.

The online Numerology and Astrology market which is currently around $500 Million to $1 Billion is growing exponentially and expected to reach $3 Billion by 2020.

So next time someone says What's in a name?, Do think and ponder.

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Trishul Arora

Co-founder of NaamVidya

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