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The Power of 24 Planned Hours Doing things, you love and indulging in sports and other activities help you de-stress and rejuvenate at all levels

By Gaurav Aggarwal

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Starting your own business and cultivating an idea from scratch is exciting to all. Everyone in this age wants to lead their own business and create something of their own. Sometimes people are impatient and that hampers the right progress and strategic decision making. There can also be a darker side of being an entrepreneur which often ends up burning out aspirations, dreams and will. The long hours, high-stress situations, people management and relation often take a toll on wellbeing and health.

Discipline is Decisive

The solution to this is discipline and better time and energy management by planning the 24 hours of a day efficiently. We get only 24 hours in a day to accomplish all professional and personal goals. An entrepreneur has the superhuman task of making these twenty-four hours most efficient. It takes grit, passion and sheer love for the job to be able to deliver a power packed 24 hours day after day. Planning your day, a day prior is a great start to a productive one. A good breakfast is the secret to a healthy start of the day. I follow this up with my daily update of trends and current news across the board. Team ideation and brainstorming is effective in the morning with a fresh mind. It also effectively helps with implementation through the day or time to process and ideate further on a concept or idea through the day. I also like planning my day to include a good sixty-minute workout, it energises, puts me in a good mood and mentally prepares me for the day. It is important to get in those 10,000 steps a day.

Having the Right Team

It is important that you surround yourself with the right talent when creating brands. Individuals you induct in your team should share the passion and acumen for tasks at hand to help make time more effective and build on ideas shared in depth. Involving the team in ideas and brand vision gives them an idea of which direction to think in. It encourages the right involvement and gives them the sense of brand allegiance that is required. I strongly believe in the policy of promoting from within. This way, the organization tends to have a highly motivated staff. If a person feels they will be rewarded for dedication and hard work, they are far more likely to take ownership of their position and give it their best efforts.

Importance of Family and Friends

Alongside work, it is important to have a balanced personal life with friends and family. Take time to rest and relax. Doing things, you love and indulging in sports and other activities help you de-stress and rejuvenate at all levels. I am passionate about fitness and sports I balance my time by spending time playing some sport or just hanging out with my son. I also ensure I get my time off playing with my six-year-old Shih Zhu, Simba. This way I am giving my work a break which is essentially needed and spending time doing something I enjoy with family. Including an additional hobby, a sport, is a must to give you a new outlook to get things in perspective and give you something competitive yet fun to look forward to.

The Ability to Take Risks

Lastly, as an entrepreneur, take risks. Risk-taking is almost synonymous with entrepreneurship. They rightly say an entrepreneur must have the ability to take risks and constantly innovate. Being apprehensive will only curb innovation and creativity. There are no negatives, you make a mistake you learn, you don't, you succeed. Ideating and constantly innovating with the right attitude and perseverance will only lead to progressive results meeting your set goals.

Gaurav Aggarwal

Director, Lasons India Pvt. Ltd.

Gaurav Aggarwal is Director with Lasons Pvt. Ltd. 
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