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This Indian E-commerce Portal to Ease the Global Shopping Experience for the Consumers in India Your purchase of that interesting product you saw launched at the CES will be at the ease of a click & out of India on an Indian platform & hassle-free

By Aashika Jain

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Sanket Agarwal, Founder of GlobalKart, an Indian e-commerce start-up aims to ease the access of global products for the Indian consumers. He offers vastly differentiated and carefully curated products from markets across the globe. Currently bootstrapped, Sanket launched this venture with some specialty products from countries like USA, Netherland and Finland.

Sanket who calls himself crazy about trying new products and has been a travel buff says his idea was spun out of wonderment.

"Every time I travelled abroad, I used to find many products which were so impressive to me. I always wondered why these are not available in India," says Agarwal who then decided to take matters in his own hands.

His extensive work with several companies outside of India and in-depth knowledge of cross border business, led him to launch Globalkart in November 2018 to bring the best products from across the world.

He thinks the Indian market is ripe for international products and says eCommerce has become a game of SKU, which means more and more products.

Sanket is confident the new generation is looking for something new and solution oriented that can lighten the work-load and ease the hassles of personal and professional life.

"Definitely, a big market is available for globally-sourced innovative and solution-centric product," says Sanket.

How GlobalKart Works

Sanket Agarwal believes that GlobalKart is a whole new experience for the Indian e-commerce users. Unlike other ecommerce portal, GlobalKart is dedicated to provide some never-seen-before innovative and unique global products that can cater to Indian businesses and households.

"Most companies just want to bring as many as possible SKUs on the platform and they are never bothered about the price, service, and the seller. They are least bothered if the seller is selling 10 pcs or 10,000. They also don't care about the product so what happens with innovative products that they cannot make a big mark on these platforms," says Sanket Agarwal.

The company's business model is simple at the client end – if you have any innovative product, which is new, unique and not available in the Indian Market, we can launch the product into the Indian market via Globalkart LaunchPad explains the Chartered Accountant.

GlobalKart's team researches on the product and makes the strategy around that for marketing. The company is involved in online, offline, B2B, B2C sales to benefit the masses with these problem solving and essential products.

"We are trying our best to provide the product at the same international price at which it is available in the international market. If you generally buy these products from the popular ecommerce websites, you may need to pay 200% to 300% for it with at least 1-month delivery time and no return option. So, we are simply making Global shopping simple," Sanket says.

He however is wary of becoming an ecommerce company with millions of day to day products.

"We are selling only selected and hand-picked products, which are best in categories and were not available in the market earlier," explains Sanket Agarwal.

Mr. Agarwal says GlobalKart is not just a vanilla eCommerce platform that has everything and for everyone where people go and buy what they want.

"We are different from them and we are telling people that what new is available and they can buy. We have a different kind of products and for every product, GTM will be different. We will use a mix of Offline and Online marketing including influencer from the various sectors depends upon the products," he says.

Key Learnings

While traveling abroad, Agarwal found that people are more advanced and adopt new products quickly. He saw good income and no saving plan and availability of new technology and products as the keen reasons for it.

In his journey that led to GlobalKart's launch, Mr. Agarwal become's partner for its India reach, GST advisors for Paytm sellers and consultant for mostly every cross-border company that is looking to enter into the Indian market.

He soon realized that Indian consumers too can have an appetite for global products.

"This is just needed to showcase to consumers that these things are available now in India too. Salaries are rapidly picking up, the new generation is adopting things fast; everyone wants to stand out from the crowd," says Sanket Agarwal.

His philosophy is simply – we want to bring an innovative and unique product from all around the world. It can be anything from a freaky gadget to bamboo plants. Anything which has something interesting and unique from the other available choices is our pick says Sanket Agarwal.

Sanket Agarwal envisions the company to become the best to provide a global shopping experience in India and other countries including South East Asia and Europe.

"We believe that we will able to cover whole Asia and Europe Market in next 5 year. At the revenue side, we will do our best to get Unicorn status," says Mr. Agarwal who has consulted more than 500 startups before starting the business.


Mr. Sanket Agarwal, who aspires to make something big that people can talk about and hopes for an early retirement preferably in his 30s, aims to make GlobalKart an international platform to launch new and innovative products in the international Market and add GlobalKart in Fortune 500 companies.

Some of GlobalKart's top offerings available for buying online include:

1) Airtamer - A personal Air-purifier that you can wear around your neck from USA

2) Aegis Pen Drive and Hard Disk - World most secure device for your Data from USA

3) Nut Find - A tiny Bluetooth Tracked to tracker your daily stuff like your Key, Wallet etc from HongKong

4) Senz Umbrella - Beautiful Dutch and Original Wind umbrella that can withstand in any weather and wind up to 100km/hr from Netherland

5) Breo Eye Massager will give you extra smooth massage to your eyes after a long day on the computer. Original from USA.

6) Equa Smart Bottle - An European beauty that will remind you to drink water every time you forget to drink to keep you hydrated.

7) QuietOn Sleep - An active noise cancellation device which can give you freedom from your partner snoring and can save your marriage. Original from Finland.

Tips for Entrepreneurs Looking to Start their Online Business

Sanket looks at himself as an early mover in the space and believes no company is working dedicatedly on the client side also.

Most companies are just focusing on bringing more products instead of quality products. Being early movers is like working with double-edged sword. It can turn any side. Hoping it will be a favorable side for us says Sanket Agarwal.

With 97 per cent of commerce still offline in India and only 3 per cent of commerce online, Sanket thinks most eCommerce entrepreneurs are only scratching the surface.

He says this game is big and businessmen have no other choice but to step up.

"I always believe that if you will not change and adopt the things with the time, you will become a case study like Nokia," signs off Mr. Agarwal.

Among his key tips are:

1) Don't do online business until you are clear that you can make it big and sustain in your bad times. Don't do it just to raise funds. Think of it as a business you may need to run by your own money.

2) Don't spend too much time and resources in just planning. Sometimes extra planning and research kills the whole idea and business.

3) Keep faith in your original idea. Take advice of everyone but not implement or change your idea till you are not convinced.

Aashika Jain

Entrepreneur Staff

Former Associate Editor, Entrepreneur India

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