10 Reasons Your Website Is Losing Attention – And What to Do To Prevent It

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The official website of your website is the first impression everyone will see of your brand, start-up and idea. Whether the customer/client will stick with the goods or services you are selling would be determined within a few minutes. The homepage alone determines if the user will click further and probe the website and your idea in detail or wander into the abyss of distractions across the web. It's a greeting and informative platform. But regardless of the size of your operations and start-up in general, customers/clients will be moved on the basis of your website on a very large basis.

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Is your website loosing traffic very quickly? Does the raw user not stick long enough to your website or click further once it accesses the homepage? Here are the top ten reasons why you're losing out traffic:


If you attempt to plug your homepage itself with too much information, you would lose out the interest of the viewer. The focus point is swayed and too many distractions ensure the viewer just doesn't focus on even one of them.

Basic HTML designs

Granted you don't want to spend too much money on elaborate website design planning or pay a good fortune to someone who does the job for you. However basic HTML styled designs, which involve just regular text with a basic interface not only irritates viewers but also raises suspicion over its authenticity.

Typos and Grammar

No matter what your idea/product/services include, everyone expects flawless grammar on the official website. This gives validation and authenticity to your brand and makes reading a breeze. Be sure to proof-read several times before going live.

Too many Stock images

Stock images should be preserved for extreme situations, such as an article requiring to go on live far quicker than you'd be able to add a legit photograph or when there's no better photograph to portray. Click some of your own or source them independently on your own rather than going cheap on subscriptions. You're fooling no one with those overly smiling multi-cultural group of individuals.

Auto Playing flash videos/background sound

The 2000's are over - and in this decade nobody appreciates web URLs that automatically play music in the background. Even more annoying are those ads which plug their content right in your face, via an unstoppable flash video widget. This robs the user of precious data and then dries out before you can do anything about it. Stick to regular Java and HTML, in a simple interface.

No contact details

It's a good idea to add your company's email & phone numbers. Websites that only encourage email based communications act a determent as users have to wait for responses over some basic tasks - all of which can be established in just a few minutes over the phone. Be sure the contact page is clear and encouraging. This page determines users which are already showing interest in your brand and must not be lost.

Distracting Ads

Contemplate how important is visible ad revenue to you. It might be tempting to embed a video ad in every page, or a large banner on the right or bottom, but you're also losing out views who find the interface too technical. What the use of so many pop-up ads and flashing banners if you can't even retain your average user?