Top 5 Smart Appliances That Created a Buzz in 2018 The products aimed at keeping our home clean, easy to manage, with voice-controlled feature and many more

By Pulak Satish Kumar

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Every year is known for some eye-catching trends and is remembered for some great products/ innovations undertaken in that year. The year 2018 witnessed some high profile smart appliances that have made consumers life easy and smooth. These products included - air purifier to robotic vacuum cleaners that had some top-notch features that became a helping hand for many consumers. Below are the top 5 gadgets of 2018 which we should not miss out as they made our life easier.

1. iRobot Roomba e5

The optimised with powerful pick-up technology that easily enables clean floors, every day. It starts with different stages of cleaning. The specially designed Edge-Sweeping brush focuses on dirt that accumulates around edges and corners. Smart navigation and Dirt Detect™ technology work together to cover your entire floor and focus on the areas that need it most. It comes with "washable bins" which makes the appliance easy to clean and keep. The Roomba® e5 robot automatically docks and recharges after cleaning so that it's always ready to go.

2. Microsoft Surface Pro 6

Featuring a 12.3-inch touchscreen display, this Windows 10 hybrid, which just hit the market, is perfect for students or anyone on your list who is always on the go, making moves. Weighing just 1.7 lbs, it's super light in poundage, but heavy in capabilities. With Windows Ink compatibility, you can use the Surface Pro to take notes, draw, doodle and more. Pair it with a Type Cover (also sold separately) and it transforms from a tablet to a laptop.

3. Amazon Alexa

A majority of robots can get your job done without making you utter a single word. Well, not all bots are Amazon Alexa. Alexa is a smart home developed by global technology giant Amazon that helps you to vocally control your IoT devices and smart appliances installed at your home. The conversational virtual home assistant can also set reminders, read out news, book an appointment, and an even crack a joke if you want it to. All you need to do is give a simple voice command, such as "Alexa, make Roomba clean the living room, set the AC to 20 degrees, and search for interesting Thai recipes on the internet", and it will get your job done. You can bring home Alexa through Amazon Echo devices. Amazon Echo is available in four variants in India – Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Plus and the recently launched Echo Spot.

4. Braava 390t

Another robotic home cleaning device by iRobot, Braava 390t is something that must always accompany your Roomba 966 at home. Braava products deliver exceptional floor mopping and sweeping to its users by leveraging Pro-clean Reservoir Pad and an array of advanced optical and acoustic sensors. The device has dual cleaning actions, namely single-pass cleaning and triple-pass cleaning (zig-zag motion), that achieve the desired cleaning as per individual needs. It is able to process more than 60 decisions per second. It can also sweep up to 1,000 square feet using the single-pass cleaning motion and up to 350 square feet using a triple-pass cleaning motion. You can fill its liquid reservoir with mild solutions or plain water and even use it on hard surface floors such as vinyl, hardwood, and laminate. Household chores with Braava 390t become as easy as switching on the television, or in other words, as easy as a simple touch of a button.

5. Dyson absolute V 10

Dyson introduced many new products this year, in which boats a powerful suction that is capable of removing even the hidden dust and dirt. It features a fully sealed filtration system which traps a major chunk of particles that are as small as 0.3 microns. Dyson absolute has a motor, bin and cyclone aligned in a row.

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Pulak Satish Kumar

COO, Puresight System

A marketing veteran with more than fourteen years of industry experience in marketing commercial technology products, Pulak Satish Kumar is the COO of Puresight Systems Pvt. Ltd, the official      distributor of iRobot products in India. iRobot the world’s pioneer practical smart appliances and robots manufacturing brand. In this role, he spearheads the brand’s Indian business operations, managing the administration, product development, market analysis, finalization of strategic alliances, technology procurement, and pricing of products based on market fundamentals and business requirements.

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