#5 Vital Aspects That Make a Podcast Show Succeed

Here's a quick guide from Neha Dhupia-the brain who has tried, tested and created one of India's most popular podcast programmes

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It is raining podcasts everywhere and we are kind of getting used to them. While the audio-format show is the new bee in town, to think of it audio has been one of the oldest syndicated content. It has been a part of our lives even for generations before us.


Aural storytelling has been part of our culture ever since our existence. What started on the radio has taken new dimensions and transformed the content on the Web. Podcasts have become one of the popular content choices which lets you connect to millions. And adding video to it has taken it a new level.

It was in 2014 when the word 'podcast' suddenly found a ground when Apple launched its application. The popular tech giant converted this format of communication and entertainment into a format that only elevated in the public's consciousness.

The last couple of years have seen the audio industry in India transform, making it the third-biggest podcast market. We have not just become open to hearing audio content but have also produced some homegrown content that are creating quite an impact in the industry.

From Prime Minister Narendra Modi's Mann Ki Baat, Ek Kahani Aisi Bhi, Akash Vaani to Neha Dhupia's No Filter Neha, there are tons of podcast shows that people are lapping up. But making a podcast is not an easy job. As the person can't be seen, it becomes tricky. But the power of the medium is such that it is a great way to connect with people otherwise hard to reach.

One needs to know the basics for the podcast to get off to a great start and sustain. Entrepreneur India spoke to the master of podcast Neha Dhupia, who took us through the nitty-gritty of few things one needs to keep in mind in order to create an impactful podcast show.

Though every podcast is different, the fundamentals are the same and here's our quick guide from the brain who has tried, tested and created one of India's most popular podcast programmes.

Understanding the Sense

Given people can't see the person, one needs to get an understanding of the senses that are being used. "When you are making a podcast, imagine you are right there.

"People are not watching you there. As there is no other sense active apart from the one they are listening to (the ears), so it's very important to stay focus on the content you give them," said Dhupia.

Content Is the King

Content is the king, no matter the duration of the show.

"It's not the length of it, it's the content. You cannot let it dip as it will take just a second for the listener to hit stop," she states.

Pick the Interest & Keep It Compact

We all like to hear content that keeps you hooked to the audio. When it's video, you have more room for creativity. But in audio, you need to be particular about what you are providing.

"No matter what you are talking about, you have to make it really interesting. When I sit on edit, we have content to go on for 50-55 minutes but we want it to be 20-25 minutes," she said.

Be Brutal & Chop It

No matter how much you love your content, be brutal in editing it. What you like may not be loved by everyone.

"You have to be desensitized about taking things that you find less interesting in the chat. Make it compact and worth the listeners while," she suggests.

Listener Is The Real Deal

Remember you ain't making a show for yourself; you want listeners to appreciate it and love it. You want them to come back time and again. Your focus on creation has to be done keeping them in mind.

"At the end of the day, it's the listeners who make it a success," she said.