6 Indian Auto Companies that Took the Online Route to Steer Auto Industry

These businesses offer all the comfort and ease a car buyer would dream of having and guess what? They are just a click away

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What drives the millennials to the e-commerce way of life? Speed, convenience, comfort and most importantly, time. The trend of online business has boomed over the last decade while the demand for brick-and-mortar stores has gone down considerably. While the internet continues to revolutionize the world in several ways, the auto industry is not far behind. The auto industry is in fact, bit by the e-commerce bug and its expansion in sales, online services, trade is for the world to see.   

The auto industry has made an advent on several e-commerce platforms at several points in time. These online opportunities are changing the dynamics of car trade. Definitely, it brings the car dealer and the consumer closer but both are caught in a tug-of-war state. The car dealer is in a race to meet the expectations of the consumers amidst crushing competition; the consumer is always on a lookout to crack the best bargain amidst variety and perhaps, some sort of dilemma and indecisiveness. For car dealers, online platforms have rolled out fresh opportunities with zero room for complacency. From being abreast with consumer behaviour to the trends in the car industry and being upbeat with the trends is most of all, the challenge of every online car dealer.

Entrepreneur India brings a list of products that are results of what happens when the online world meets the auto industry!

Droom.in Official Facebook


Droom.in’s offering on the online platform not just limited to cars, it has gone a notch higher and touched the sky! Droom.in allows consumers to browse through myriad categories from cars, scooters, taxis to planes. The online auto start-up offers insurance, loans, doorstep test-drive, certification and registration facilities as well. The Droom app and website have established themselves as solid car service providers with 65per cent market share.

Cars 24 Official Facebook

Cars 24

Founded by BITS Pilani and University of Pennsylvania alumni, Mehul Agrawal and Vikram Chopra, respectively, Cars 24 makes car selling and buying a hassle-free endeavour by offering the sale of second-hand cars at the best price. It provides a variety of options apart from trade such as insurance, finance and most importantly, roadside assistance.

Zoomcar Official Facebook


The Bangaluru-based start-up founded in 2013 is a self-drive car company and is serving in around 25 cities in India. Zoomcar is a classic and successful example of the amalgamation of the auto industry and rental services. What’s more is that the founders of this online auto-rental platform are Americans and they saw in India the potential to manifest their idea and give it the name and shape of a proper structure.

CarDekho.com Official Facebook


CarDekho.com is a leading car search venture that helps consumers to buy cars that suit their needs, are within their budget, in short, this online car platform helps millennials choose tailor-made auto options for themselves. The website as well as the mobile application not just carries informative and content-driven automotive ideas but also videos, reviews etc. This new-age online mobile app was recently in news for raising $110 million from various investors in order to expand its business verticals.
CarTrade Official Facebook


One of the most prominent names in the car trade dot com industry is that of CarTrade. Launched in 2009, the business is one of the few and old-horse-going- strong in its industry. Since its inception, the company has expanded extensively in business verticals and customer reach. With over 2000 employees and over a million users of its app and website, CarTrade paved the path for many in the auto industry.  

CarWale Official Facebook


CarWale is one of the oldest companies in the run of online auto industries since its inception in 2005. Focused on car buyers, the aim and motive of CarWale are to help car lovers and buyers clinch the best deal and bargain while buying a car of their choice. Its ready and tailor-made options have made it a hit among the millennials.

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