A Touch-Sensitive Jacket That can Control Smartphones!

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We live in a world where new concepts, products are being launched, literally by the second. Taking innovation in wearable tech to a whole new tangent are Google and denim jeans company Levi's. Weaving innovation into fabric, the duo has collaborated to create the Levi's Commuter Trucker Jacket, a garment that lets users interact with their smartphones by swiping the garment in numerous ways. Powered by Google's Project Jacquard technology, a touchsensitive fabric will be woven into regular clothing, allowing it to be used as a trackpad. It has essentially been made to prevent commuters to fiddle with their phones while travelling. The project hopes to explore the possibility of transforming everyday objects into interactive surfaces.

How it Works!

The waterproof jacket comes with a detachable electronic smart tag that is placed at the cuff of the left sleeve, held in place by a button loop. The unit contains the battery to charge everything, bluetooth transmitter, a vibrating motor and an LED. The smart tag activates a wireless connection between the garment and a smartphone. The touch area around the cuffs is visible with some threads and not big ugly wires. With customized connectivity, the jacket is believed to serve as a copilot. Rugged yet durable, the jacket is connected with the smartphone with an app over Bluetooth. In its current form, the jacket can be used to react to text messages, phone calls and control Google Maps and Play Music.

Wash it, Wear it!

The makers claim that the garment can be washed like any other cloth. When one wishes to wash the jacket, only the detachable electronic smart tag attached at the cuffs need to be removed. The jacket will make its way to Levi's stores and levi.com in 2017 spring.

(Originally published in Entrepreneur magazine's June 2016 edition)