Apps Helping Professionals Combat Hectic Days

A relaxed body and mind are needed for a healthy life and these apps are prepping up professionals before and after having a frantic day

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A perfect work-life balance is very imperative for the modern day professionals looking to prep themselves up for a long successful career. However, lives in the 21st century have accelerated manifold, and balancing professional and personal lives is no longer a cup of tea.

The career-oriented personnel are always looking for ways to excel in their careers and don't waver away from hectic schedules in their daily lives. Working a fixed number of hours is so ancient in the present life. As a result of all these accumulative stress, today's professionals fall prey to the high-stress levels, resulting in serious health issues and premature ageing.

In a scenario as such, how can professionals maintain a life that will be healthy enough to prevent them from calling in sick days? The answer is the apps. They are the fitness guide in today's world.

Here are few of the many apps that are frequently downloaded and help in leading a healthy life both before starting their days and after a day's work; and be mentally and physically geared up all day long, and for the next.

  • Calm

Average Rating on Google Play Store: 4.6

Calm, an app that helps its users to meditate, sleep and relax, has already bagged more than 10 million downloads.

After a hard day's work, many find it difficult to jump into the lap of sound sleep out of stress. A good amount of relaxation is required for body and mind to function and here comes the app – Calm, that was founded by Alex Tew and Michael Acton Smith in 2012.

The apps offer soothing pictures, stories and sounds that relax the eyes and ears of the users and help them unwind. It helps with light stretching and exercises for a healthy body. In addition, it also offers courses in meditation, stress relieving and enhancing relationships.

  • Headspace: Meditation & Mindfulness

Average Rating on Google Play Store: 4.5

Another app that has recorded more than 10 million downloads on the app store is Headspace that offers guided meditation sessions to lower stress and enhance focus and presence. Headspace came to life in 2012 with the touch of Andy Puddicombe and Rich Pierson.

It brags to be helpful for restless sleepers unable to have sound sleep and in soaking away anxiety, anger and depressions. On top, it also offers SOS sessions to have the users' back in case they have their meltdowns.

  • Screen Light Table Lamp

Average Rating on Google Play Store: 4.6

Designed for the bookworms, this app helps readers enjoy some relaxing bedtime reading without worrying about their smartphones' batteries getting drained out. With adjustable lightings as per your need, this app offers its users to use the screens of their smartphones as a table lamp, dim light and reading light as per their wish.

The app uses Chromotherapy to restore the harmony of one's health.

As per the Google App Store, the app has already been downloaded more than 100k times by users.

  • Noom

Average Rating Google Play Store: 4.2

Along with a healthy mind, a healthy body is also required for the perfect sync of body and soul. Noom that urges people to stop dieting and instead have a life-long result, was founded in 2008 by Artem Petakov and Saeju Jeong.

Adopting a psychology-based approach, the app helps people discard bad habits and incorporate healthy habits in their lives.

The app has already been featured on Forbes, New York Times, Women's Health, etc.

It vouches to help users to lose an average of 18 pounds in only 16 weeks and has already seen more than 10 million downloads.

  • Calorie Counter – MyFitness Pal

Average Rating Google Play Store: 4.6

A healthy diet is crucial for everyone and for the present health-centric generation, eating the right meal with the opposite amount of calorie, nutrients, cholesterol, carbohydrates and water intake is also crucial. People are always checking their calorie intake.

Calorie Counter not only helps users to track all these but also tracks your exercise. It motivates people to exercise by joining its community or by connecting with their friends, and by even celebrating fitness successes.

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