Say No to Male-Dominated Industries: Gender Inequality in Blockchain

Blockchain is no different as there are women team members in only 14.5 per cent of 100 blockchain startups

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A number of researchers claim that women are better investors than men. According to a study by Warwick Business School, women investors outperformed their male counterparts in their investment with Barclays' Smart investors. Despite possessing the potential to outshine men in the investment returns, women lack representation in the total blockchain cryptocurrency investors. Probable chances are their lack of interest or reach to join blogs, forums, and spaces to get information related to blockchain investments.


The scenario is similar to the initial lack of women representation in all other areas like politics, technology, entertainment and so on. It is the ongoing trend of gender inequality that is inflicted in modern brains deeply. The idea of patriarchal society has kept women at backfoot in all major fields. Blockchain is no different as there are women team members in only 14.5 per cent of 100 blockchain startups. Undoubtedly, this industry demands a transformation as soon as possible.

Are Women Deliberately Kept Away From Crypto Investments?

In the era where the #meetoo movement goes viral globally, a young industry like blockchain shows lack of women representation. A year ago, there was 91 per cent of men engaged in the bitcoin community.

The image of gender inequality which this industry is depicting today is upsetting for all those people who have the vision to promote female representation in all walks of life. What can be the reason behind this reality? Are we deliberately not involving more women in investments and workforce of the blockchain industry? Are we consciously pushing females aside? No! We did not enter the twenty-first century with this vision!

Instead of searching for one reason behind these facts, we need to look at this situation in a collaborative manner. There are multiple loopholes in the society which has produced the under-representation of women in blockchain. The disparity between gender representation in the blockchain industry is not the only gender gap we are witnessing in contemporary times. In fact, in the World Economic Forum's Global Gender Gap Report 2018, it was concluded that there are still disparities between genders in the measured indexes like political empowerment, economic participation and opportunity, educational attainment and health and survival. Moreover, the report stated that it will take about 202 years to close the gap in economic dimensions.

Until and unless, we will promote education among young girls, we cannot eliminate this significant gap in any industry participation worldwide. In a nutshell, the roots of our system are the ones to be blamed. Right from education to professional arenas, women require motivation and recognition. Applying the same strategy to the blockchain industry, more promotion is to be initiated to invite a greater number of women employees and investors. In fact, many crypto entrepreneurs and journalists are inspiring women to stay at the front foot in this industry.

Role of Journalists and Entrepreneurs in Welcoming Women to the Blockchain Industry

"In the future, there will be no female leaders. There will just be leaders." a popular quote by the COO of Facebook, Sheryl Sandberg. We need to believe this from our core and motivate the change to happen. Global organizations have started arranging the talks and events to highlight the achievements of women in blockchain investment.

One such organization is Women in Blockchain, which has spread its wings all over the world with branches in different nations. It organizes tech talks and other events wherein the achievements of women in the blockchain industry are highlighted. The idea is to promote and motivate women investors and contributors to the workforce. There are numerable examples of women in the blockchain industry which are inspiring young women.

One of them is Wannipha Buakaew, popularly known as the voice of progress in the blockchain industry. She is the influential advisors and member of the advisory boards of various ICOs like BitDollar, AntiHack, etc. Another influential lady in the crypto world is Amanda Gutterman, who is serving a leading blockchain company ConsenSys as the marketing chief. Apart from this, she was named under the list of 30 movers and shakers in media by Forbes magazine in 2016.

These influential women are contributing exponentially to the blockchain industry. With their hard work and the tremendous contribution, they are clearing the doubts revolving around the lack of potential in women. In fact, women are playing a leading role in many global blockchain media houses. An outstanding example is Maria Jones, who is the VP at Cointelegraph, a crypto media house.

Such epitome of amazing participation by women in the blockchain industry unfolds another side. In my opinion, this side is brighter. It shows that many women may stand behind the curtains but the women who have already joined the stage are nailing it with absolute confidence. Every person who has kept an eye on women participation in the blockchain industry has started believing that things will get better in the future if these efforts remain constant. In current times, one thing to understand by young investors is that women do not need support but they require recognition!