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How Cloud Technology Is Helping Big Enterprises Increase Efficiency Cloud vendors provide cost-effective cloud analytics services for setting up data warehouses, real-time analytics, visualisation, resulting in substantial time and cost savings

By Gurprit Singh

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Technology has evolved by leaps and bounds in the last decade or so, helping businesses along the way to reap the benefits of streamlined and cost-efficient operations. There is one thing, though, that has proven to be a game changer for businesses across geographies and sizes, and that is the rise of Cloud services.

According to a report by NASSCOM, the public Cloud computing market in India is expected to cross US$7 billion by 2022, with the infrastructure-as-a-service market growing at more than 25per cent during the same period. In the Asia Pacific region, India stands second only to China, as the largest and fastest-growing Cloud services market.

Cloud Computing has democratized access to technology in a way nothing else ever could. The business benefits of using Cloud are tremendous, plus they are not only advanced but also affordable, easy to deploy and use. With the ready availability of connectivity infrastructure across India, this is an opportune time for organizations to leverage Cloud technologies to drive their growth and even beat established players in the game through quick innovation.

Easy and Quick Scalability

Cloud services have eased scalability of organizations since it not only provides readily-available infrastructure, but also the ability to scale it fast. No, the organization would want to be restricted by lack of infrastructure, especially when they are at the cusp of growth. The easy and quick availability of infrastructure means that the cycle to make operations go live gets reduced in the process - right from the time required for assessment, to identifying servers, and building the environment for processes to go live. Cloud vendors provide cost-effective cloud analytics services for setting up data warehouses, real-time analytics, visualisation, resulting in substantial time and cost savings.

Fostering Rapid Innovation

Thanks to Cloud technologies, organizations can now focus on what matters more – innovation. That's because with Cloud services in place, businesses have to worry less about the technical aspects of processing big data and focus more on creating insights. This helps them gain a competitive advantage, while the Cloud keeps making it easier to provide the necessary infrastructure. When an organization starts to focus more on analyzing data instead of managing servers and systems, they have more time to dig insights that can help them enhance their products and also boost operational efficiency. Additionally, Cloud also reduces the cost of innovation, which in turn encourages businesses to experiment more, and not be afraid of failures.

Better Work Environment

Collaboration between teams is now also better, leading to improved organizational efficiency. Collaboration in a Cloud environment gives businesses the ability to communicate and share easily outside of traditional methods, and teams are more easily able to work on a project across different locations.

Mining Data for Business Growth

Another big draw of Cloud is that it makes digital mediums more powerful. Technology has penetrated every aspect of our lives, and access to the Internet means that businesses are now able to reach their consumers more easily and quickly, through varied digital platforms. This has also given them access to huge reserves of data that they can effectively mine through Cloud and leverage it for further business growth. Cloud services have helped commoditize massive storage and made them available at a fraction of the traditional cost to enterprises.

Businesses, whether they are large or small, have a history of adapting to new technology environments, and the advent of cloud technology will be no different. There are definitely challenges and a steep learning curve that come with it, but the potential benefits of adapting to cloud far outweigh those roadblocks. Cloud is no more a work of fiction, but a reality that will help organizations thrive. It's cost-effective, reliable, secure, and provides your business with the scalability and agility needed to dominate the market.

Gurprit Singh

Co-Founder & Managing Partner at Umbrella Infocare

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