5 Sectors That Will Boom With the Adoption of Cloud Telephony A few key segments have been identified wherein cloud communications can offer a truly transformative change

By Yatish Mehrotra

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Cloud-based services, especially cloud communications, has emerged as a substantial driving force in the modern world. Cloud is the largest category in IT infrastructure, with over 90per cent of global enterprises using it in their operations.

Solutions such as toll-free numbers, IVR responses, virtual numbers and lead management software etc. offer one-stop recording, analysis and feedback mechanisms. Furthermore, round-the-clock accessibility ensures better customer engagement and more reach.

These cloud-based solutions allow new enterprises to access an extremely professional communication framework with a minimal expense on hardware installation, infrastructure, maintenance etc.

A few key segments have been identified wherein cloud communications can offer a truly transformative change. Due to its speed, efficiency, seamlessness and security, cloud communications has become integral to the way some sectors function in the future. Let us see how-


Cloud telephony in banking is driven by two factors - its suitability for large-scale customer engagement and the growing competition from fintech industries in terms of technological adoption.
Moreover, the cloud offers a greater degree of security, which is a critical factor in banking services. From bot-based customer engagement to virtual assistance at every step of the process, banks get access to thousands of services with cloud communications. Cloud telephony has managed to disrupt a legacy business such as banking in a far-reaching manner.

Real Estate

Arguably one of the most orthodox segments in the Indian economy with little technological penetration, real-estate players are increasingly relying on cloud telephony solutions to ensure they do not miss out on any query. Furthermore, they also employ cloud telephony services to set up meetings at convenient times, record feedback from visits etc. Cloud telephony acts as a bridge to present a cohesive and complementary service framework for tech-focused real–estate players.

Travel and logistics

Travel and tourism are one of the first sectors to adopt cloud telephony and be completely transformed by its incorporation. Cloud telephony solutions offer a variety of services in a single framework - customer engagement, itinerary planning, evaluation of different tour options and much more.

Similarly, the logistics sector has also cut down on costs substantially while boosting efficiency through the implementation of cloud telephony. They have moved on from recording information on paper. From order collection to delivery, most new-age logistics players are utilizing cloud telephony to give 24X7 information to the suppliers and end-users regarding the deliverables.


Remote diagnostics, treatment, counselling, knowledge-sharing, healthcare is a unique test-case of cloud telephony implementation. It has the potential to change the patient-doctor relationship by making it more immediate and shared. Also, it will help to track records of individual patients and facilitate global knowledge exchange between practitioners. It also facilitates 24x7-engagement to support emotionally unstable patients and treat psychological diseases through constant interaction. The long-term industry goal of a holistic medicine ecosystem that allows for care through communication and knowledge empowerment can be made possible through the intervention of a cloud.


Universities and higher education institutions can incorporate a cloud-based communications network to offer students help across geographies and monitor progress through a variety of metrics. Cloud telephony can be very useful to reduce the cost of education and improving accessibility. This sector has always seen more active participation from the end users, i.e. the learners reach out to the institutions rather than the other way round. From offering education to students in remote areas, academic data storage and dissemination to ensuring effective communication between teachers and students or parents, the cloud can play a big role.

The current tech-dominated business world has made it imperative for new-age businesses across industries up their technological game. With rising competition, no organization can afford to lose out on prospective queries or be seen as unresponsive. Considering the scenario, cloud telephony-based solutions offer enterprises the most optimum way to present a professional, tech-enabled way of engagement. It not only results in fruitful interactions and round-the-clock accessibility but serves as a one-stop customer insight management tool to facilitate business decision making as well.

Yatish Mehrotra

CEO of Knowlarity

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