Finally a Women's Safety App That Works Without Internet Even When the Phone Is Locked This app is a must for women's safety in your smartphone right now!

By Rustam Singh

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I Feel Safe

Safety for women is one of the most pressing issues of our time that should have been a fundamental, undeniable concept for any civilized society centuries ago. Denying fundamental rights to safety, personal choices, freedom to pursue whatever lifestyle they wish to, sexual and physical empowerment are not new issues – but have strangely not managed to be eradicated even in today's times.

The legal proceedings that followed one of the most horrific crimes committed in the capital of the country; the sexual assault and homicide of "Nirbhaya' few years back, highlighted the pressing need to ensure safety for women and bring about a change in patriarchal mindsets of the population.

A lot of people have been crying out loud for better ways to ensure women security and make things better for them. And it seems like, that people are definitely trying to do; something about it!

Now finally, there's an app that promises to add its drop into the ocean to ensure safety for women that's completely designed for Indian audiences.

Developed by the Mobile Standards Alliance of India (MSAI) and dedicated it to the Nirbhaya Jyoti Trust, the app is called "I feel Safe".

Here's everything you need to know

Key features

  • There's a one-time registration that requires user(s) to fill out their details and that of the emergency contacts
  • You need not even open the app to run it. On the Android platform, simply pressing the power button five times will trigger the app to register it as an emergency.
  • Immediately, your emergency contacts will be notified that you are possibly in an emergency situation along with exact GPS coordinates every thirty seconds
  • Simultaneously, the police control room is also notified so that they can immediately take action, which will be ridiculously fast, since they have your constant tracking location and can monitor your location in real life
  • Along with this, there's a dedicated I Feel Safe staff team, that ensures to act as the middle agent if push comes to shove to help you ensure safety
  • Works 24/7
  • Available free of charge

Unique points

  • The app doesn't require internet data/WiFi to work. In most emergency situations, users will not be in a position to have internet working or switch it on, or wait for a signal, this is a unique factor the app.
  • You need not even have a sim card in your handset. The app works without cell phone signal!
  • Real time updates.
  • Works on all mobile networks in India.
  • Works on virtually all smartphones with GPS in them, which almost all smart phones already do

Other factors to consider

  • Although designed for women, the safety feature in the app will prove to be beneficial to children as well. Today, most kids already have a smartphone and merely installing the app in it and adding a safety layer to their physical security is brilliant.
  • The app is currently available on the Android store only, but would soon be available on Apple store and for Windows platforms as well
  • The subtle, low profile way it works without needing internet makes the app excellent for actually potentially threatening situations.

Final verdict

There's literally no reason not to make sure the app is installed on your smartphone. The services offered have actual potential for safety and while it by no means should be your only backup for safety, it does indeed offer a valuable step in the process. I strongly recommend trying the app and suggesting to your female friends.

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Rustam Singh


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