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Are GDPR and Blockchain the Next Stages in Programmatic Advertising Evolution? In this article we try to explore all the aspects of GDPR and Blockchain

By Divyendra Kumar

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If we talk about the technological era, the year 2018 will surely be one of the top years as far as technological innovations and revolutions are considered. With each passing day, newer technologies are being innovated and are patented in order to utilize them in the future.

The emergence of technologies is bringing Artificial Intelligence as well as Machine Learning straight into the limelight. These two technologies have made themselves as a driving force for most of the latest startups and are still on the road of expansion.

Meanwhile, to add on to the race of technologies, Blockchain technology has also paved it's way into the lives of humans and has rapidly increased the presence across different sectors. Securing platforms for different advertisers is another key feature which Blockchain is offering.

Progression of Programmatic

The new era is all set to witness a bloom in programmatic advertising technology. It is highly recognized by advertisers worldwide as a skill to streamline the whole process of buying ads for different advertisers all over the globe.

As far as the programmatic technology is considered, it has taken the forefront of the data-driven and automated decision making for various advertisers. With this, it is forecasted to account for almost all the trading platforms by the year 2020 which will be quite an extraordinary achievement.

Many of the modern-day advertisers are not only embracing the programmatic solutions to improve the efficiency of their ads. In spite, plenty of them is using such technologies to address many industry-wide challenges such as ad blocking, fraud and a lack of transparency module.

Programmatic Downfall

The first month of the new year has already gone, newer technologies will be evolving to make our lives convenient and easier. While a growth of approx. 28% in 2018 in programmatic is estimated, making $64B globally. However, this rate is a lot less and slow as compared to what we have already witnessed in the past couple of years but there is certainly a great amount of hope for its expansion in the nearby future.

To be honest, it is most likely the sign of this technology entering into the maturity stage as it continues to embark its light as well as the value within the sector

GDPR and its impact on programmatic intelligence

The forthcoming introduction of the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which is upcoming in May is ready to set the technological stage on fire. It will generally help the programmatic advertisers to both collects as well as process the personal data of different consumers all over the globe.

Once it is implemented, GDPR will require different programmatic advertisers to be a lot more transparent by using the consumer's information and getting active consents from them. Also, it will give consumers the power to remove their data from the database as and when required.

Programmatic advertisers are using the machine driven technology to collect smart data on several users so that they can tailor their messages accordingly. In addition, such technology is an asset to the current programmatic system.

Dark sides of GDPR

However, there are some dark sides too with GDPR which has to be taken into sheer consideration. The implications of GDPR can restrict the extent of AI-driven technology across different sectors in the future. This in return will create significant challenges in the fields of AI as well as Machine learning and will be a blockage for different programmatic advertisers.

Keeping such things in mind, I believe that the modern age programmatic advertising technology can no longer provide brands with the level of same automation and transparency which is required for the success in the sector.

Utilizing Blockchain to enhance programmatically

One emerging technology which will surely have a great amount of impact on programmatic technology is the Blockchain. This technology itself has gained an immense amount of recognition as Bitcoins and other digitized currency work on Blockchain itself. Also, the nature of this technology has done pretty well in the fields of the ad and provides some great benefits for advertisers adopting programmatic strategies.

"Blockchain can reduce or eradicate the risk of ad fraud in the future"

With Blockchain, it's an ability to create a great record of transactions and provide customers with a full audit trail of each transaction right from the scratch. By providing such services to the consumers, Blockchain can significantly reduce the risk of ad frauds and the whole module can be sculpted into working for a better ad flow metrics.

With the enabling of Blockchain into the programmatic field, plenty of the benefits awaits consumers. With such technology at the rescue, the advertisers are solely responsible to dedicate more time to increase their efficiency in targeting the audience and also improving the different tactics used in their advertising strategies.

In the upcoming months, we will surely witness Blockchain integrated with automated buying transactional process which will make shopping a lot easier and cheerful.

Final Words

As the digital advertising industry continues to strive hard for their expansion in creativity as well as success, it is absolutely vital that programmatic embraces the coming of latest technologies and continue their innovation in the upcoming years.

Yet, with GDPR the latest technology is still bringing a lot of challenges to the modern day consumers. Among such challenges include the handling of consumer data and growing frauds of different frauds all over the globe are a bit of a concern.

If we compare Blockchain with GDPR, Blockchain is no doubt far ahead of GDPR as it provides a secure mechanism which can help in the prevention of ad frauds, but, being said that, GDPR can certainly bounce back with a much stronger hold and it will be a thrill to see how both of these will complement each other.

To be honest, if programmatic advertising needs to pave their way into consumer's life in a more firm way, it will still have to go under certain technological revolutions to both evolve and become dominant in the upcoming years.

Divyendra Kumar

Founder & Director WritoMozo | Co-founder & Director SoftoMozo

Divyendra Kumar is an entrepreneur with a demonstrated history of effectively managing senior leadership positions in the computer software industry. Passionate about startups, he is involved in his two service-based startups focused on app/web development, Branding, Marketing. An from IIT Delhi, His education, work and life allow him to consult entrepreneurs from across the globes on technology and marketing.

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