Google Is Going To Manufacture Its Own Smart Phones From Scratch – But Why Really?

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Is there anything Google cannot do? From auto driving cars, real time augmented text translation without internet, to the now discontinued Google glass – if there's an element of technology, Google is curious and eager to adapt. Not all of Google's products and concepts work out, but it's showing the public that the possibility of being adopted in mainstream applications exists – and competitive technology giants can take over from there. When Android OS came out, everyone knew Google's super liberal policies would make it a pretty good OS to work out. Then Google finally announced its going to enter the smart phone world, and with the idea to directly prove to arrogant manufacturers that put unnecessary restrictions to their devices that there's an easier and much more cheaper solution there, giving birth to the Nexus. But now finally, for the first time ever, Google is reportedly working on a flagship smart phone – completely manufacturing equipment components too.

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Why would Google make its own hardware?

For starters, there's a lot of difference in opinion over how the software should interact with the hardware. When the Nexus 4 completely ran out of stock almost everywhere, LG was quick to blame Google. The Galaxy Note is far from perfect and has a lot of issues with hardware problems, software support issues and everything in between – but Google passes the blame to the hardware and vice versa.
Then there's the obvious profit motive. Having control over the entire manufacture, assembly, sale, marketing and software aspects of a smartphone might prove financially a good investment for Google. That is, of course after a mind boggling investment of retail stores, sales methodology, aftermarket servicing, customer feedback and grievance addressal, marketing and assuming it even takes off in the first place

Lastly, its also to boost an egoistic stance that Google can achieve anything, probably. Apple lost a lot of expected shares this year with its iPhone launch – because it was literally the exact same phone as before without any new feature at all (expect being small). This would be a good item to tap into the market.

What's wrong with other manufacturing on Google's Blueprint like Nexus?

LG, Samsung and similar companies are original equipment manufacturers. It has a closed supply chain and makes its own equipment. Original Design manufacturers are on the other hand, made to order of the company that markets them as their device, such as Nexus. This comes with the added liability of using the name – for example, it's easy to convince someone that a Google made phone would be perfect to work, but saying Google just ordered LG to make the device like they pleased might not attract as much confidence in the consumer as Google would.

What can we expect with a Google manufacture?

While we don't have any rumors or leaks to confirm this, I think it's safe to say Google's hardware would not be too shabby. Google has little experience in making exceptional hardware, and while the Pixel, the cross between a laptop and a tablet is pretty good hardware wise, so that's a safe place to start guessing. We can also hope that maybe, just maybe, Google adopts some of the revolutionary technologies still in their testing phases and change the market forever.

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It's exciting time to be alive for smart phone users. Let's hope Google comes up with a technology that we couldn't even dream of being put inside a cell phone yet. Or at least a battery that can make me use my smart phone over 4G networks and decent screen brightness last a few days. Would you be eager to try a Google's own built smart phone or did the Nexus disappoint you to make you skeptic? Let us know in the comments on our official Facebook page Entrepreneur India