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Why Industry 4.0 is Just What India Needs Now Be part of an unique thought leadership session on the Fourth Industrial Revolution at the Entrepreneur 2018 Show on July 16-17 at the JW Marriott, New Delhi.

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Did you know that with next-gen technology like the Internet-of-Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Robotics and Big Data, issues plaguing Indians such as traffic problems, healthcare costs, and even fixing support prices for agricultural crops could be mitigated relatively easily? Now, these technical elements are the drivers of the fourth industrial revolution aka Industry 4.0.

Mitigating a layer of societal problems

With India being viewed, both by technologists as well as entrepreneurs, as a hotbed for technological research; there are bound to be solutions for issues that affect Indians on a daily basis. Hence, Industry 4.0 is perfect to mitigate these problems by resulting in harnessing next-gen technical elements effectively.

The best instance of mitigation of societal issues is when the worsening traffic scenario in India is managed comprehensively. Technologists in India believe that the IoT and AI could be perfect partners here; traffic flow could be comprehensively monitored through sensors, this data is then passed on to a backend server (again automated) where analytics and Big Data are run to generate outputs about real-time traffic conditions on a particular stretch to control traffic signals accordingly.

Automation plays a big role here when the signal lights are automated to receive processed data from servers. This makes traffic management a tad simpler and contributes to an overall reduction of the burden of the traffic custodians.

Another revolution that Industry 4.0 could cause is in the healthcare segment. Disruptive technology has been known to make healthcare facilities more reachable even to people in the tier-2 and rural geographies of India. This could directly contribute in making doctors (and specialists) more accessible to the public thereby contributing to an increase in the already bleak 1:920 ratio.

Right time to lap up Industry 4.0

With entrepreneurs today having already started lapping up end-products of Industry 4.0 such as using IoT to build medical equipment which can get reports analysed by doctors sitting in even other places while transmitting data to the place of report generation, it is now time for you to analyse the need to adapt the elements of the fourth industrial revolution.

It is also critical for you to realise potential India holds with respect to developing its own smart Industry 4.0 solutions, to mitigate societal issues, rather than merely offering services to western economies. In this regard, we have an opportunity for you to experience the potential of Industry 4.0 first hand.

A never-before opportunity

If you are desirous of understanding the impact of Industry 4.0 on India, confirm your presence at a unique thought leadership session on the Fourth Industrial Revolution at the Entrepreneur 2018 Show on July 16-17 at the JW Marriott, New Delhi.

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