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Technology- A game Changer in Travel Industry From the desktop version of a website to a mobile website and then to mobile apps, the shift can also be considered to be a great development in the digital world

By Ravi Singh

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Over the years, Technology has become a game changer in every sector. Earlier, people were dependent on advertisements on print or electronic media to explore the places but in the last ten years, everything has changed and now, people are dependent on digital media like social media platforms, mobile applications, websites; to explore their destinations.

According to a Google Travel study, 74 percent of travellers plan their trips with the help of the Internet, while only 13 per cent still use travel agencies to prepare their holiday destinations. The Internet revolution has spurred people on to make more adventurous travel plans quickly.

Evolving digital technology is impacting how people travel and demanding travel and tourism-related businesses to transform the way they operate. With increasing expectations of travellers, it is important for the travel industry to invest in a wide range of solutions that can offer an enhanced experience to people. For an industry that has been resistant to incorporating evolving technology into the mix, travel and tourism is developed to touch the phase of the customer experience, from building plans to discover new destinations with an indigenous perspective.

World at Your Service

Digitization has increased the worldwide accessibility for their customers to find out the perfect holiday destinations. From the desktop version of a website to a mobile website and then to mobile apps, the shift can also be considered to be a great development in the digital world.

Over the past years, the usage of smartphones has increased drastically. It helps the consumers to do their holiday research and bookings of their hotels and flights. This provides the liberty to the customers to look through different options available and analyze them on a personal level and enjoy an additional trip for leisure.

Making Things Competent

Digital era brought a whole new level of revolutions in technology and enforced the competition to get tighter for the service providers and better for the consumers. There are a lot of travel sites which ensure that their website loads quickly on computers, and even quicker on different mobile phones to connect with people to be guided with their tours and plans when visiting a particular destination.

Online travel is a massive industry and continues to grow at a rapid pace. People embrace online travel shopping from exploring new places to conveniently book flights and hotels. Technology has placed a huge role in the extreme change.

Travel Agencies have even switched from offline to online to such the market demands and to cater to the needs of the consumer. Now the agencies are reaping benefits and investing money to meet the growing needs and demands of the millennial, while some are providing considerable packages to their customers that will help them enjoy their time when travelling.

Role of Social Media

As technology has grown so has social media. Sometimes social media also helps to let corporations get involved and know their customers a bit better as the interaction with them has always been more critical in the Travel industry.

Today, technology has simplified everything for people. A quick travel plan is working out and the arrangements are in place while travelling with the help of the digital platforms. Thus, the Travel industry is experiencing a boom with enhanced technological prowess, innovative resources such as guidebooks and pods are being provided to engage travellers on their tour.

As a result, advancement in technology has revamped travel industry and its old style functioning. The consumers are showing an inclination to travel more and more. New trends and techniques have given rise to new opportunities. The travel sector is expected to provide 296 million jobs. Technology has opened up the entire world for all who wish to be a part of the travel industry.

Ravi Singh

Author of Mind: The Final Frontier – Decoding the Human Mind

Ravi Singh is an American entrepreneur, Author and CEO of Electionmall Technologies.
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