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Triggering Innovation in the Classroom Emphasis on technology helps to affirm and advance relationships between educators and students, reinvent the approach to learning and collaboration

By Amit Kapoor

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Digital technology has been changing the way we interact, learn, and communicate and catapulted the trajectory of human evolution. Every aspect of human life has benefitted from it; education and learning are no exceptions!

All through our school lives, we have been a part of traditional classrooms powered by textbooks, notebooks, black and whiteboard, and question papers etc. While the system did well to impart knowledge in students, it often reached its limit when it came to triggering creativity and spirit of innovation. This is because the system itself did not innovate much.

The Innovation

Over the last decade and a half, schools have come off age in accepting digital solutions to become part of classroom infrastructure and learning solutions. Imagine a touchscreen display board, teachers now can use in place of a traditional black and whiteboard, hyperlinking every word and picture to the trusted sources in the digital library of the school or age-appropriate resources on the internet. With this, the teacher can quickly pull the reference material during the classroom discussion and make it more engaging as well as interactive.

Wi-Fi Services

It gets even better as the students too can connect their learning tablets to high-speed campus Wi-Fi to see the latest assignments, peer scores, and lectures from the best teachers all over the world. They can access new lessons in a simulated, gamified way, which keeps their interest alive and encourages competition within the classroom.


It doesn't end here; these solutions could also be backed by an artificial intelligence (AI) powered learning engine to provide a customized/ self-paced learning for each student. As a result, it understands and improves the way students receive, comprehend data and retain the knowledge. AI-powered Apps are device independent and allow teachers and parents to track the learning journey of the ward throughout the session and introduce relevant interventions to make the process better.

The Environment

While a school's physical infrastructure holds a prime role in providing a conducive environment in a student's academic journey, another key facet is digital Infrastructure, a major differentiator among schools that have truly transformed the delivery of educational content in school. To take the creative quest a step further, digital infrastructure can facilitate simulated project-based learning, hackathons, and other online contests and allow students to test their skills and develop a competitive spirit, not only at the school but even at an international level. One interesting innovative tech is cloud-sharing, which can be used to expand the horizon of sharing knowledge with students and teachers on the same online education platform. Cloud-based systems offer the perfect setting for a digital/virtual classroom as they offer seamless access to information, easily shareable data and foster a means for tracking multi-user cooperation and partnerships.

Emphasis on technology helps to affirm and advance relationships between educators and students, reinvent the approach to learning and collaboration. Our schools are the first incubators of exploration and invention and need to be on a constant lookout for new avenues for knowledge delivery, assessment, and providing a better experience to students. Digital technology serves this and consolidates the hope for a better future.

Amit Kapoor

Co-Founder and Director, Eupheus Learning

Amit has more than 15 years of experience in sales and marketing across Education, Training & Entertainment industries covering Indian and International markets. His stints at NIIT, Palador Pictures, Centum Learning, Across World Education and Encyclopaedia Britannica have been focussed on Sales, market entry and growth strategies coupled with a focus on business development. In his last assignment, Amit was Director - Digital Sales at Encyclopaedia Britannica South Asia. He holds PGDM from T.A. Pai Management Institute, Manipal.


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