How Dynamic QR Codes Became an Essential Tool For Every Business Out There While continuing their operation and promoting safety among their customers, one of the tech-advances that ring a bell today and have become very symbolic and significant, is the QR code technology

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With the existing predicament of the coronavirus pandemic that is continually reshaping our daily lives' normal routine, business industries in the global economy, one of the most affected sectors, are still working on every possible avenue on how to combat the deadly virus while waiting for a vaccine breakthrough.

While worry and anxiety still lurk with the uncertainty the COVID-19 brings, the business economy worldwide however is slowly recovering while remaining hopeful and optimistic for the future.

With the possibility of the vaccine remains elusive, the advancement of technology has somehow helped many businesses and even the traditional small and medium enterprises, to stay afloat amidst the pandemic, by adapting and taking every possibility that can save their business from the fallout.

While continuing their operation and promoting safety among their customers, one of the tech-advances that ring a bell today and have become very symbolic and significant, is the QR code technology.

QR code stands for a quick response code, an advanced and upgraded version of a two-dimensional barcode, designed for a high-speed scanning capacity. It is quickly accessible using smartphone devices, making them a handy and ideal tool in combatting the current COVID-19, by delivering any type of information at any portal of service through the user's smartphone with the less need for interaction.

Using the dynamic QR codes, these codes have a great storage capacity that allows multimedia content, making them flexible to use in any form of service or information you want to send to your end-user.

Moreover, the scans are also track-able and updateable in content even in real-time, without the need to print another QR code, which makes them money-wise to incorporate and cost-effective in the long run.

QR codes became one of the most practical digital innovations every businessmen and marketer are turning into these days to automate every facet of service they can automate and to promote safe distancing and minimize the physical interaction.

Without a doubt, the government sectors are also recognizing how vital the QR code technology's role is today and even integrating the use of the QR to do contact tracing and contactless registration through Google Form QR codes. Countries that are famous for using QR codes for conducting contact tracing are Thailand, China, South Korea, and Myanmar.

The Myanmar Government uses a dynamic QR code to inform citizens about COVID-19 Cases, revealed on their COVID-19 surveillance dashboard, where a similar practice is also being applied to other countries.

On the case of the restaurant industries, the COVID-19 is also causing an increasing amount of damage to the worldwide restaurant industry. Due to safety measures such as imposing social distancing and general public precautions, diners have also been dining out less frequently than before.

The year-over-year decline of seated diners in the global restaurant was 36.61 percent on November 7, 2020.

Due to this, the QR code technology put its name on the global map by reinventing the traditional menu and making it digital using a QR code.

QR code menus are one of the leading uses of QR codes in restaurants, enabling restaurateurs to continue their daily operation more safely, reducing physical contact, and promoting safe distance among workers and the end-consumer. Using a menu QR code, this allows a contactless menu instead of a traditional cardboard menu that goes through multiple hand exchanging.

Though this has been practiced popularly in China, it has infiltrated globally due to the health crisis we are experiencing today. Even the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend the use of disposable menus through QR codes.

The contactless menu allows diners to access the digital menu by scanning it through their smartphone devices, ensuring a safe dine-in experience and avoiding cross-contamination of the virus through a menu cardboard that may be passed on through multiple hand exchanges.

QR codes are generated using a QR software such as QRTiger a QR code generator that is available online. If a restaurateur decides to transform he's menu online, he can generate a QR code from a PDF QR code, or an image QR code. The user can also incorporate an HTML or H5 QR code and make an online QR code menu that will allow him to customize it.

With the incorporation of smart technology like the quick response code, it became possible to interact even with the pandemic while delivering accuracy in information at any portal of service.

Though QR codes are not the end-all-be-all solution to the pandemic, the QR technology has certainly proved its relevance, especially today.

With its many use-cases not limiting to restaurants and contact tracing but also in donations, payment, and other services, it is without a doubt, that QR codes are becoming the present and the future in the new normal society which has only been realized not until today.

While continuing to see a rise in the coronavirus pandemic cases globally, QR codes are here to stay in the foreseeable future, giving birth to a faster and contactless interaction in the new framework of the new normal society.

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Entrepreneur Staff

Entrepreneur Staff


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